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Bookish posts from indie author Shantelle Mary Hannu

"Here at this blog, you'll find the life of me -- a girl who just wants to share happiness and joy."

Great pictures from a fellow aspiring photographer

Music, Books, Art, Movies, etc.

Lovely fashion inspirations!!

Life, art, and photos from a fellow photographer

Another fellow photographer and artist!

Good old life and photos from a fellow teen girl

"i'm seventeen, an ISTP, and i do a lot of crazy, you know, i like it share it all so you peeps can laugh with me. here's where i do that"

Yummy-looking healthy recipes!

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  1. Eek! I love your new name and look and profile picture and EVERYTHING!! <3 It makes me want to change things up on my blog, yours is so much cuter!
    I almost cried when I seen my blog on this page *whispers* I get emotional sometimes *winks and sticks out tongue*
    I hope you don't mind, but I think I'm gonna copy you and do a page like this ^_^

    1. AHHH, THANKS!! I just love it too! xD I know I kinda always say that... but I'm pretty sure this is my best so far. ;D Blog designing is so fun, isn't it? :D
      Of course your blog is on here! =D And no, I don't mind it you do a page like this too! *smiles*

    2. Thanks for putting me here ;P
      Yes, it is fun! I would make a new header for my blog, but Picmonkey isn't working on our computer *facepalm*
      Glad you don't mind bc I already did! ;P Go check it out! XD

    3. You're very welcome! *winks*
      Ugh, sad. :P Maybe you could try that's kinda like picmonkey. ;)
      Ooh, I will!