Saturday, April 15, 2017

April 2017\\ Currently

 Time for the "currently" post of April! 

I'm on vacation right now, so this post was scheduled. ;) I'll reply to any comments when I get back, unless I happen to get on the internet otherwise...


\\ We went shopping at a Goodwill where every first Saturday of each month, everything is 50% off! Well, besides things already marked down. So I tried on "a thousand" things and thus got some new shirts and a skirt. ;) I also got a book and a record.

\\ Drove on the highway for the second time. And went over 70. ;D

\\ Went out to eat for supper one Sunday with three of my siblings. It was quite fun, and we had some laughs... ;D We went to Walmart after. That can be fun too. *grins*

There was a kinda creepy guy at the restaurant, and apparently he was staring at me or something... and I didn't notice. ;P I'm not very observant sometimes. But I'm pretty sure I thought of kidnapping when I saw his junky old van. lol ;P

Oh and the middle picture... just the normal hand-in-front-of-the-lens when my brother notices I'm trying to take a picture of him. *rolls eyes* 

\\ Planned a little cleaning job with my sister and a friend. Hopefully it works out. :)

\\ Went for a walk to those one woods I told you about once- with the gravestones. And then we went to a water-hole place...

We live by this big, beautiful field. I'm going to miss it whenever we move to a house that isn't a rental. 

 It wasn't as pretty in the woods this time. There wasn't as many purple flowers. ;) It was still pretty though. 

\\ I'm currently on vacation at the southern coast! We'll be there about ten days, so when I get back... there'll be a post. *winks*


A Time to Speak by Nadine Brandes


I looked at the album of our summer west coast trip... We need to do that again SOOON! Before everyone grows up! I feel like I took the trip somewhat for granted, and didn't enjoy it to the FULL potential. But it was an amazing trip. :)


Still When Calls the Heart, season 4. <3


\\ When your own April Fool's joke backfires. I know. ;P (it was nothing big)

\\ When you resort to using a bar of soap to wash your hair, then when you're done, see the shampoo sitting outside of the shower. BLIND MOMENT.

Saturday, April 8, 2017

Tea and Cupcakes\\ Food Shoot

  I made cupcakes the other day and practiced frosting them. I also did a little elegant "tea and cupcake" photo shoot. *winks* I used some white gloves that we got a long time ago along with a bunch of old hats. I think the gloves might be authentic from older days. ;)

 Oh, and that's not real tea. Want to know the trick to making tea that's not tea but looks like tea? The quick tea trick? Put water in the cup and swirl a tiny bit of cocoa in to it, just enough to tinge it tea-color. *winks* Worked like a charm.

I just love how elegant this looks. 

 I used my hand in all of these except this last one. So I had to take pictures with my left hand. More awkward but it got the job done. ;P

So, just a fun little food photo shoot. *smiles*