Tuesday, February 28, 2017

February 2017

 Time for the monthly review, because February has already come and gone! It does have two\three less days though. ;) And it seems like winter has gone too. All the flowers! <3


\\ We got Logy the goldfish... and he's still alive. ;D (I'm just dubbing it a he I guess...)

\\ I started a photography class, a biology class, and a self defense class. All have been enjoyable. :) The photography one is teaching me about the hobby that I love. :) Even though I thought the biology class would be lame, it's actually interesting... and interesting things happen. And the self defense class is cool, because I find it fun to learn to defend myself... all the different techniques. 

\\ I got Pinterest ;)

\\ We went to the Valentines party our homeschool group puts on each year. That was fun. :)

\\ We went hiking. Read about it here.

\\ Me, my mom, and my older sister met some people at Chick-fil-A the other day. Always nice to get to know new people. :)

purple flowers from the lovely patch of woods ;)

\\ Today me and a few of my siblings went for a walk around the woods... we ended up going on across the field to this little patch of trees. It was SOO pretty there! There was a bunch of old gravestones, some old tires and junk, greenery carpeting the ground, and gorgeous purple flowers! I was in love. ;P It was so intriguing to think of how it might have looked a hundred years ago. One gravestone said sometime in the 1800's... my sister thought one even said 1700's! Now THAT would be cool. I'm not sure if it was that or not... it's hard to read a lot of those.
Anyhow, I'll have to go out there again soon, because I didn't take my camera this time. ;P 

Hopefully March will be more exciting. ;)


Willow Springs by Jan Watson

I think I started this in January...

City Girl by Lori Wick

Probably started this in January too. ;P

Torrent Falls by Jan Watson


\\ Lot's of Sue Thomas F.B. Eye... but now we haven't been watching it because maybe the next seasons are expensive or something. I hope we can find a way to watch them still. :)

\\ We watched the first episode of When Calls the Heart season 4 too. (the first episode after the Christmas special) I hope it gets a little more like the other seasons... more realistic. ;)

\\ We also watched some of a show called Alaskan Bush People. It's interesting... they are kind of odd people. ;P


  I think these are all I bought for books... except for one I ordered which hasn't come yet.

  I spent about ten dollars on a dress, shirt, and belt from Goodwill. Too bad I don't have a picture. 


 One day I was wanting to go somewhere... instead I decided to make cupcakes. These are chocolate (made with wacky cake recipe) cupcakes with fudge frosting. Thus the reason the frosting is draining down the sides. ;P That baking quenched my restlessness. ;)

Something I drew for the When Calls the Heart fan art contest. 


  I'm going to name Would You Go With Me by Josh Turner as the song of the month. February is the month of love, right? Plus it played through my head quite a bit. Not anymore, but it did.

  Maybe I'll try to have a song for each month. :)


\\ Little brother and sister begging you to be the "old granny". ;P Yea. I played something with them once where I was an old lady with a weird voice who chased after them when they didn't listen to me. Good thing you couldn't see me. I can act crazy with little kids sometimes. LOL!

\\ In my biology class when my cousins (and maybe other "classmates") made me laugh... the hard-to-control type of laughing. ;P It was really funny, even though I felt kind of embarrassed. We were doing an experiment with seeing how much water a diaper could hold, if you can imagine why that was funny. ;P


\\ Nature

\\ Spring

\\ People

And many other things, of course. :)



\\ The rest of our homeschool co-op

\\ Watching spring progress

I don't know, just whatever happens to happen. ;)

Well there's a bit of my month! :)

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Hiking+ Warm Day+ Hot Cocoa

  On Monday we went hiking with some cousins and other people from our home-school group. It was quite unseasonably warm... actually, it still is. We have daffodils already! *blink blink* 

  Yea. It was warm, plus we were hiking, so I was hot. ;P It would've been nice maybe 10 degrees cooler? Well it was still a nice hike.

  Here are some pictures...

Cliffs, and maybe a little cave too...

A pretty little waterfall. :)

  Someone needs to take this all the way down before it falls on someone. ;P

  I love this spot! Look at the pretty reflections in the blue-ish water... :)

We also got to walk across a dam. =D

Lots of stairs to the "finish line". ;)

  After that we just hung out by the lodge until everyone left except for our cousins, so we went in the lodge for a while, just because. There was free hot cocoa, so we got some... after hiking on an unseasonably warm day. ;P

  Anyhow, it was a fun day. I even got lots of exercise (by my flimsy standards ;P). 


Sunday, February 19, 2017

Photo Gallery: Buds and Garden Decor

 Here's the link to my photography site's most recent post, Buds and Garden Decor, if you'd like to see. :) I took them during my photography class when we went outside to practice.

 Tomorrow we are going hiking! Our home-school group planned it for the teens. So I'll be taking my camera. *winks* 



Thursday, February 16, 2017

The Q & A Tag

 I was tagged by Shantelle from A Writer's Heart for the Q & A tag!  =D It looks quite fun, so here we go!

\\Favorite book you've read this year?

   I'll go with Willow SpringsI don't know which of the two books I've read of the series so far that I like best... so this one works. :)

\\A restaurant you love and what do you usually order?

  Yes, you guessed. ;P I love Chick-fil-A, and for the past few times I've gone I got the spicy chicken sandwich with pepper jack cheese, and waffle fries. The drink isn't really consistent, but coke or lemonade might be my favorite choice. ;)

\\What's one movie\TV series that has impacted you? Why?

Hm, I don't really know. Maybe October Baby? It just shows how very wrong abortion is, and the lies people are being told to believe that it's OK. 

\\Do you prefer cold cereal or oatmeal?

 Hm, that depends on what "form" of oatmeal it is. ;P I don't care for plain oatmeal cooked in a pot that much, but if it's a yummy baked oatmeal like my recipe, Nutty-Fruity Baked Oatmeal I might prefer it to cold cereal. I like both. :)

\\Love being with people or would you rather be a loner?

 Love being with people, definitely! If I actually get past my shyness and have fun with people, it makes me really happy! :) You've probably heard me complain about my sorry social life. :P Maybe I should stop.

\\A book cover you love?

  Well, the newly revealed cover for Exiles, for one!! It's so beautiful! Like, beautiful in an epic way. *winks*

  I'm just going to cheat and do this one too, because it really is an amazing cover. ;D

\\What trait do you, personally, think is important for people to have?
image source: pixabay.com

  Kindness :)

\\A favorite thing about blogging?

Sharing my thoughts, interests, and dreams! I also like to get to know the other wonderful bloggers. :)

\\What's one wish of your heart?

To get married to the man God picked for me! <3 And have kids. :)

\\Could you share about three blessings (big or small) that have touched your day?

-Getting out (to the store) with my mom and older sister 

-My little brother's cuteness ;) What can I say?

-A nice long comment on my blog.  :)

(those were from yesterday, btw)


Emmaline @ The Misty Mountain

Michaila @ Mic's Room


1) What is one of your favorite blogs?

2) A favorite kind of candy?

3) If you could have any animal as a pet, what would you choose? 

4) What is one of your most amazing memories?

5) What is your favorite board\card game?

6) Do you have a dream car?

7) If there was one thing you would like to get better at, what would it be?

8) What are three countries you would like to visit someday?

9) Which do you like better roses or lilacs?

10) How would you describe your style (with fashion)?


Thank the blogger who nominated you
Answer the questions you were given
Nominate other bloggers
Write out your ten questions
Let them know they've been tagged

I hope this was enjoyable! :)

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

February 2017\\ Currently

Time for the monthly CURRENTLY post! It's been a good month so far. 


\\We began classes in our home-school group. I am learning how to defend myself in one- practicing with my sister, blocking punches and all that. ;P I've been enjoying my photography class, of course. *winks* Biology is kind of fun as well, although I don't know exactly why we make paper airplanes and guess what's inside of a box... I didn't do that when I did biology last school year, but whatever. ;)

\\We got a new pet, Logy the goldfish. My little sister got a friend for Logy named Coral, but that one died after a few days. :(

\\click logo to view my pinterest boards\\

\\I got pinterest! *confetti* So that was my Friday night- setting up my pinterest, indulging in all the picture-loveliness ('cause I obviously appreciate pictures), and listening to music with headphones with my family walking about around me- but I was in my own happy world. :) I was mostly listening to Josh Turner, Scotty McCreery, and Jessa Anderson. :D

\\I've also been spending my money... *looks sheepish* It seems every time I go to the store I have to buy myself something to eat. I bought a little thing of Baskin Robins ice cream- mint chocolate chip. YUM. But when we left the store and got in the car, I realized it was $3. Like, seriously. I could've got a whole carton for that much! But I should never get that much because with me... that would be bad. :P

\\We went to our home-school group's annual Valentines party yesterday, at a roller dome. And I DID roller-blade. *winks* It was fun. :)  I also ate some sugar... and didn't talk very much to my fellow home-schoolers. xP Yea, not how I had hoped. I'm so bad at social things. :P 
And I drove home. I have to REALLY drive everywhere we go, so I can get my license as soon as possible! I think the soonest I can get it is April 19th or something. This past Sunday I drove TO church for the first time, so I had to park there. Thankfully, I didn't embarrass myself and did a good parking job. *smug smile* lol


Sue Thomas F.B. Eye TV show

All the great characters :) 

   My family and I started watching this show, and I really like it! It's loosely based on a true story about a deaf woman who started working for the F.B.I. It's REALLY interesting, with plenty of action, but also about the character's person lives as well. :) It's set in the early 2000's, though the true story was in the 1970's or something.
  I want Jack and Sue together (don't know if my family does :P), but Jack can't make up his mind about which girl he wants, and Sue is dating some guy who looks kind of like a hippy or something. Ugh. *rolls eyes*
   I just had to put a picture of Bobby, because he's like, the wonderful. ;P He's funny and charming, AND he has an Australian accent. That's just, just, I don't know. I like him. *winks and grins*

Okay, enough of the current TV show. ;)


The two songs that have played through my head the most so far this February?

"Would You Go with Me" by Josh Turner

I love this song! <3

"Who I Am" by Jessica Andrews

This is the theme song for Sue Thomas FB Eye, so of course it's going to get in my head. ;P Some nights I close my eyes, and that song starts playing. I actually really like it, but I get sick of songs going over and over through my head. :P

  Here's some "bonus" songs that I've listened to this month (even if just once).

"Roll Your Window Down" 

 "Hello Darling" 

by Scotty McCreery. 

Daminika told me about the first one, and I really like it! =D I think a lot of it is the tune. *wink*


"Giving Your Heart Away"

by Jessa Anderson 

  I found that I really like Jessa Anderson- these two songs are probably my favorite of hers. 'Giving Your Heart Away" is kind of sad, but I like it. :D I think these songs remind me of a certain time in my life when I was trying to write some story... it just feels kind of magical for some reason. :P


City Girl by Lori Wick

When God Writes Your Love Story 
by Eric and Leslie Ludy


\\Going hiking with the home-school youth :) :) I think we're going to start doing more youth get-togethers, and that's like YEESSS! =D

\\Hm. Whatever else we decide to do. :)