Sunday, June 16, 2019

ANNOUNCEMENT: Summer Hiatus + a little life update

Hey guys! Happy Sunday to you all. 

I guess I'll just get straight to the point. I will be going on a blogging hiatus for the summer. You probably saw it coming, as I've been so inconsistent with posting. So. I think I might need a break. I feel like I have SO many things I could be doing. I have SOOO many interests, and I cannot pursue them all, because I feel like when I have so many things I want to do\need to do, I kinda end up doing... nothing? xP So that is why I want to just focus on a few things right now. I will be on hiatus from blogging until at least August, since I'll be getting back from vacation the beginning of that month. Yeah, I'm going on vacation this summer! The big reason I'll be going on vacation, which I have not told y'all about yet, is that I'll be SHOOTING MY THIRD WEDDING! To be honest, I've mostly been anxious about it. But hopefully that'll change as I actually start getting prepared for it, and checking my equipment and all that. I'm wondering if I should get a new camera... I don't know. I wouldn't know what to buy. xP

Okay, back to the main topic, after that important rabbit trail. *winks* 
So, last night I was thinking I should focus on photography right now, because I feel like I've been slacking. AND I HAVE THE WEDDING, DUH. If this is my main interest, I really need to crack down. I may try to do better with mine and my sister's fashion Insta, too. Go follow us at fashion_rebels27 if you haven't yet! :) 

I also want to keep working on being intentional with my time, particularly with Bible time\quiet time, and being on a good sleeping schedule. 

What else has been going on? Well, some family came to visit. My grandparents are visiting this month as well. My job is going well. Baby brother is a month old, and has gotten chubby. <333 My sister is trying to start a teen\young adult\singles hang out group. We played volleyball and stuff yesterday, which was enjoyable. I really hope it continues on and grows! My sister also started a study for the book Girl Defined with some girls we know.

Well... that's kinda what's been going on. I really hope you guys stick around for when I (hopefully) come back in August or September. Hopefully I'll have a clearer idea of what I want with blogging by then. Until that time, I hope you guys have a wonderful summer, full of joy, growth, and ADVENTURE!! 

hope to see you in a few months <3


Saturday, June 8, 2019

May 2019

M*A*Y     2*0*1*9

Hey guys, I finally have my May photo dump for y'all! I hope some of you are still around to see it. :P I have quite a few pictures to share, so I hope you enjoy. 

And I have to leave somewhere soon, plus Ipiccy was acting up, so there's no header photo. *rolls eyes*

Supper... chicken salad, deviled eggs, and banana garbanzo bean muffins.

Breakfast... yogurt parfait thing. ;)

Learning to use my curling wand. :P

Ice cream!

Sisters and I went to house-sit at our aunt and uncles for a few days. That was a pretty good time. :)

Lots of frozen pizza and lots of ice cream. xP

Oh, and lots of movies. I think this was my first time watching Snow White (unless I did when I was really little...). Honestly, wasn't that great. xP 
We also re-watched Enchanted. And we watched Guardians of the Galaxy, Captain America: Civil War, and Infinity War. I had only watched ONE Marvel movie before watching all of these, and that was Spiderman. xP Yes, I'm bad.

The kittens! They were so cute.


On Sunday, we took a trip to Culver's for lunch. ^__^

It was kinda fun being a farm girl for a few days, feeding the animals and all.

The perks of farm chores: wearing boots every day. :P Haha.

Mornings were beautiful there. At least once you got outside. *winks*

Driving to work...

OK, last picture from our days spent at the aunt and uncle's house. ;P

Lovely roses at the library.

Breakfast "cookies"

The homeschool group's graduation event! #FOOD

Picking up subs and pizza during a family get-together. My grandparents came to visit.

A letter from my dear pen pal! :)

Baby birds in my mom's fern on the front porch.

Baby Brother was born!!! If you missed my post on that, go HERE. We love him so much! <333

Driving to see baby brother again, with all the kids.

Some friends brought us KFC sometime after the baby was born. :)

My dad makes good breakfast. *winks*

DELICIOUS "Apple Tarts" my sis and I made. I had begun making apple sauce on the stove one day, using apples that were getting old. I left, and my siblings failed me. The apple sauce was overcooked, more like apple butter. :P However, it worked amazing for these tarts, so it wasn't really a fail after all.

Yes, I realize there is a lot of food in this post. *shrugs*

Stir- fry

Homemade fries with leftover Chick-fil-A sauce!

Watched How to Train Your Dragon: the Hidden World with my sister. Though it's the final movie (I think), and some sad things had to happen... the end. It was so GOOOD! *the feels*

Cookout on our fire pit.

A little outing one Sunday...

Which included FroYo. :)

Me and two siblings split a whole chicken bucket from Walmart (well, chicken and jojos). No, we didn't eat it all in one day. :P

Baby feet <3


Ice cream with my little brother.