Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Hello September- TAG

Hey y'all, I'm doing the Hello September Tag today! Thanks to Daminika for tagging me!


Answer the questions and then nominate at least three other bloggers. 
Write out at least ten new questions or just copy these. 
Include the guidelines in your post, use the tag picture, and try to avoid nominating bloggers who have already been nominated.


sweaters or hoodies? 

Welll... both? *facepalm* Sweaters for nice outfits, hoodies for casual.

windy or rainy day? 

Maybe windy? Rainy can be nice too. How about a healthy amount of both? ;P

favorite fall time drink? 

I'll go with hot apple cider or hot chocolate.

favorite fall color? 

Orange and red

what song makes you feel cozy? 

Maybe a good country song... like one by Scotty McCreery. ;) Or Christmas songs. *whispers* they're not allowed right now tho. *sticks out tongue*

favorite part of fall in your state?

Um, when the weather starts cooling down, the leaves changing colors...

favorite pair of boots? (pic plz) 

Okay, I'd like to ask, what kind of question is that?? 'Cause I have like at least 7 pairs. 

Oh... this is a little ridiculous. *laughs*

These two would have to be some of my favs (I don't think the brown pair are even JUST mine... but I'm pretty much the only one who wears them? ;P).
I do really like my tall tan boots too, though they're rather crusty. xP

 favorite jacket? (pic plz)

If not this one, it'd be my jean jacket.

favorite fall memory? 

Some of those past Thanksgivings, apple picking from our own trees in MN...

favorite fall pass time? 

Idk if I do anything much that's specifically "fall". Finding fall outfits is fun, though. ;D And if we do any fall baking, or go to a harvest festival. 

if you could go anywhere in the USA, just for the fall scenery, where would you go?

Well, I suppose that would be the East Coast. *winks*

I  T.A.G.

Paige @ Paige's Pages


sweaters or hoodies? 

windy or rainy day? 

favorite fall time drink? 

favorite fall color? 

something fall-ish that makes you feel cozy?

favorite part of fall in your state?

favorite pair of boots? (pic plz) 

 favorite jacket? (pic plz)

favorite fall memory?

favorite fall pass time? 

favorite fall-ish food?

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

The Lake and the Hills (out West) \\ PHOTOS

One thing I love about the West are the mountains and hills. There is somethings so peaceful about them... just standing there and looking out for miles, so quiet except the breeze and natural sounds around you. The best.

These are a few pictures I took during our trip when we went on a picnic at the lake (reservoir) with family. I experienced kayaking for the first time! It was cool, but I would've enjoyed it more if we'd gone at a leisurely pace. I don't really find exercise the most fun. Maybe it was leisurely for the others, but I guess I'm not the most in shape. Haha. xP 

We also went swimming, which was quite fun! A few of us swam out to these big logs ( they served as a "wave" breaker, I'm guessing) and hung out on them for awhile. ^__^

When it was time to leave, I went with my older brother, mom, and a few other siblings up to some property lots in the hills. My brother had worked up there, so he could get us in (there was a gate). It was SO PRETTY! Looking down, we could see the lake we had just spent our afternoon at. Then we went further, walked up some lots to where we could see the mountain off in the distance. We found some juicy blackberries to snack on on the way as well. Like, yes. *winks* I loved it up there. Totally my kind of excursion. :)

So, ahem. Here's my pictures, so you can see the beauty for yourself. *winks*


Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Eighteen Years of Living Life

 I've been eighteen years old for just about a week now. The big milestone has come, and I guess I'm an adult now. Childhood is rather short, isn't it? Not that I feel very adult-ish yet. Ha. I guess I'm still a teen, and that's alright with me. I'm a teen and an adult. Weird. 

So anyway, I had a birthday last Monday! I wanted to do something different for this one, since 18 is a "big deal". Or it's supposed to be. ;P So my sisters and my mom and I went to "the city" to go shopping and out to eat and all that fun. *grins* I had a very good time!

shopping sales at the mall. getting bubblegum from the vending machine 'cause that's what adults do. picture fun. GIRL'S DAY. the most amazing food everrrrr. CHINESE BUFFET. ice cream. fortune cookies. antique shop. KOMBUCHA. Goodwill. birthday cake with the family. WATCHING GOD'S NOT DEAD 3.

Eighteenth year, adult life, trying to learn not to procrastinate... here we come. Don't fail. xP XD

how do you like the latest design???

Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Blooms from the West \\ PHOTOS

Hi there! I know this is a Wednesday, and not a usual posting day... but since I missed yesterday, I decided to share a few pictures from my trip out West with you guys. This will be the first post to catch up on my photography since my trip. Expect more to come. *winks*

These five photos were taken at my grandparents house. And they're edited. I don't think I should have to tell y'all that anymore, since photographers are supposed to edit their pictures... It just feels kind of deceptive when I don't, or something? *rolls eyes and laughs* So. Enough saying my pictures are edited. You can just ask if you really wanna know if they are or not. *sorry for my weirdness*


Saturday, September 1, 2018

August 2018

September first. Once again, a year is going by so fast. Fall is coming! My first year without school. Just beginning my adult life. Yeah, I'm actually turning eighteen in two days. Wow.

Before jumping too far into those upcoming days, it's time to share the phone snaps I took in August. I was in the West most of the time... beloved family, pine trees, mountains, and all that. *hugs it*

First time seeing Daminika during this trip! We got frozen yogurt, coffee, and chattered at her house for quite awhile! I loved it. ^__^

We also went down to the creek near her house for a little bit. :)

Going to a family gathering for my grandpa's side of the family... I think I made these bars, actually. *winks*

Morning at my Grandparents, where we stayed during the first part of our trip. <3

Celebrating birthdays!

Does this not say summer? I love summer out there.

Going sightseeing with my family! I was riding with my big brother. :)

Skylight, oooh yeah! *grins and laughs*

Fish hatchery

Same sightseeing day... we stopped at this neat place for lunch. I love this picture!

Finally, we hiked to the top of this huge rock. :)

Look at all the beautiful evergreens...


Walking around town! This is caramelized coffee (somethin' like that) ice cream.

Went to the fair with a group of cousins, siblings, and etc. *winks* It was fun! I haven't been to the fair in idk how long.

Some motocross show. It was neat. :)

Night at the fair ;)

Someone convinced me to go on this ride. I'm kinda scared to try most rides, so... It was okay, even a little fun, in the end. But at first I was like, eeeeekk. It gave me that stomach-getting-left-behind feeling or something. I know. I'm a wimp. *laughs* That was the only ride I went on.

Picking blackberries! <3


Hangin' at Grandpa and Grandma's. :)

One of the rare occasions we got some rain (which they need over there). There were some neat water droplets on the skylight of the car we were using (my brother's other car).

This stuff is stuck in my life now. :P

Some hiking

Having a milkshake with Daminika! :)

I drove my brother's car some while we were there... I would like to own this thing. :P Money donations for me, anyone? xD

I love Grandpa and Grandma's house. <3333333 

Hiking this beautiful place! So majestic. Isn't God creative? :)

Heading to the rehearsal dinner for my uncle's wedding, then the last night out for his fiance- now my aunt!

The Last Night Out. I got peach crisp at the restaurant. We did a scavenger hunt afterward, which was pretty fun! Nothin' like getting out of your comfort zone! xP I wasn't actually the one doing the embarrassing stuff, but still. You're with the group of crazies. xD

Daminika and I at the wedding the next day. *smiles*
I did the wedding pictures! I have two weddings on my belt now, both successful, no terrible mistakes. :P SO AWESOME.  

BBQ at my grandparent's house. *happiness*

The day before we had to leave the West, I got together with Daminika one more time. We talked, and played SkipBo (I always lost, lol xP). I drove us to the library and the store, and we got kombuchas. ^__^ How cool does Lavender Melon sound, though? *winks*

I thought it was a very good last day. I drove back to my aunt and uncle's after saying goodbye, and for some reason I was so happy the rest of that day. Even though I had to leave the next day, just  chatting comfortably with a good friend got me all cheerful. *smiles* You're awesome Daminika! <3 

Fruit and ice cream that last night at my aunt and uncle's.

And some games :)

Early the next morning. I stepped out the front door of my aunt and uncle's house. All dark. I smelled pine on the cool air. And I'm like I'm sad. ;P

But every trip has to come to an end; though it's a blessed time, you do have to go back to your regular life. 

And I was a little depressed at first, after getting home. But now things are getting back to normal, I think. I lived through #vacationwithdrawal. *laughs*

Tried a Bai drink for the first time before going to clean at my dad's spec house the other day. It's good. :)

We had some family come up for a few days! I tagged along with cousins and such for a while one day while they disc golfed and such. It was mostly boys, so I eventually just met up with my sister and went home. 

Hanging at my aunt and uncle's

Trip to Chick-fil-A with my siblings. ^__^ This is what I ended up eating for supper. *laughs* Healthy.

Bye, August. It's been good.