Tuesday, September 19, 2017

\\ The Birthday Haul \\

Today is the fun post where I show you some things I got for my birthday. *smiles* 

Five books by Janice Thompson from my sister! :)

Pretty London canvas from another sister. :) I got this one really early. *winks*

Various things from friends and acquaintances... well, my little sister got me the gum. ;) 

 Lovely cards. *smiles*

And a lovely photo book from my parents! I made one up on Walmart and it just recently came in the mail. All the loveliness...

Some of the pages... The full page photos are amaaazing... *sigh* I have pictures of people in it as well, just not pictured here. *winks*

On the last page I put three panoramas from our West Coast trip last summer. Isn't it beautiful? *hearts*


Saturday, September 16, 2017

September 2017 \\ Currently

Time for another currently post, folks! September isn't being any nicer than the other months when it comes to flying- by. ;P However, there have been some exciting things so far this month... it's been good. *smiles*


\\ Started school. Yay. Senior year. MY LAST YEAR!!!

\\ Turned 17! *confetti*

\\ Shopping day with the sisters! I found a black poncho-style shirt and a sweater half-off at Goodwill. So I payed only about 4 dollars. *smug look at those who buy new clothes* haha.

\\ Our fall co-op classes have started. This is my second to last time, since I'm a senior. o.o

\\ I wore boots for the first time of the season! It was this day of totally fall weather- I mean, wet, overcast, and cool. So yea, I wore boots. *winks* It's hot again though. :P

\\ Just, kinda spent a lot of money this month. *facepalm* need... a... job. Any suggestions? xP


Fools Rush In by Janice Thompson

Currently on hold because of Julia's 7dayBibledare. ;)


Currently WAS eating. To be accurate. *winks*


\\ I'm trying out bullet journaling, guys. I'm taking a class on it in co-op, and it looks like fun for my artistic side. =)

\\ Does anyone else think super-duper high ponytails are really cute? Now that's a hairstyle I can actually put in my hair. *laughs* 

\\ Getting this lovely photo book in the mail! =D  You'll see more of it in my Tuesday post.

\\ Oh, and I took a survey for Chick-fil-A, so now I get a free chicken sandwich. *confetti 'cause free stuff*


\\ When you braid your hair after showering in hopes of having pretty waves\crimps in the morning... but it gives you a bad hair day instead. *glares* 

\\ When you've been going to the same homeschool group for about three years and people still barely know anything about you, you see how socially impaired you are. ;P

\\ Taking a shower at midnight. 'Cause you stayed up too late. 'Cause you were texting. xP hehe. That's me for you. Socially impaired, procrastinating night owl. *nods* 

\\ When someone almost mistakes you for your 20-year-old sister. Well THAT'S different. A very good different, I must say. It's not every day someone doesn't think you're really young, right? ;P

\\ My little brother when my dad's flying a remote-control helicopter: "Dad, cut off my hair. Cut off my hair." *dies laughing 'cause little kids*

\\ When your little brother enjoys looking at your photo book and albums with you. <3 


Tuesday, September 12, 2017

\\ simple words \\

i want to live

without life feeling meaningless

life i'm not afraid

where i can love freely

how people will see the real me

with total abandon

like there's a burning purpose

where i'm a free spirit

and can laugh with joy

with undoubting assurance

like i'm a princess

where human opinion doesn't matter 

without regrets holding me back 

like i'm overflowing

how God intended

Just some words I wrote down a few nights ago. Well, most of it's the same as it first was. *smiles* 

Wouldn't our lives be so much more amazing and meaningful if we could just live like this? :)

Saturday, September 9, 2017

Classy Black and White Dress \\ OUTFIT

Time for another outfit post, right? *grins* Clothes and fashion is something I like so much, it's interesting I don't really dress up more. Probably too lazy. *sticks tongue at myself* Wait, how do you do that? xP

Anyhow, this outfit is what I wore to church on my birthday, last Sunday. It's my newest Goodwill dress- quite a pretty one, but too short. So I wore a pencil- style skirt underneath, and voila! Looked great. =D

I like the sheer black material on the skirt. <3 Kinda princess-y. *winks* And just to clarify, the skirt itself isn't sheer, just the over-skirt.

(Yes, Daisy was busy photobombing. *rolls eyes*)

So, this is the type of outfit to wear when you want to feel classy and feminine. *smiles*


Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Goodbye Sweet 16... Hello 17

So I'm like, officially seventeen years old, guys. I'm like, growing up?! I'll never be sixteen again. And I only have 12 months of being seventeen. An interesting thought huh? Life is just so short. 

Anyway, I thought it would be fun to show you pictures of me during some of the ages gone by! *winks* I could have done all of them, but that would take too long. I had to scan a lot of these onto the computer, so some don't look very good... which is why I changed a couple to black and white.

So here is me through the ages...












Next year it will be eighteen, which is the craziest of all! But for now I can enjoy my last year as a "not-adult". *winks*

I'll probably do a birthday present haul sometime too, just because that's fun. :)


Saturday, September 2, 2017

August 2017

Time for the monthly highlights post of August 2017!


\\ Moved into our new house

\\ My brother came out! :) We went to a skate park one day because a couple of my siblings are learning skateboarding. 

Another time a bunch of us siblings went and got frozen yogurt. My brother treated us all, 'cause he's generous like that. =D

\\ The eclipse happened! My post is here in case you didn't see it. 

\\ Then we headed up to our family reunion. I just did a post on that, but if you missed it, click here. It was nice to be together in one big house with family for a few days! :)

\\ Another trip to the skate park with siblings. There was nobody there (a lot of the time), so I had fun goofing off too. ;D

Self-timer stuff. *winks* I like this picture from a distance- my eyes are closed. :P

Riding the skateboard sitting down is pretty fun... so if you're unskilled like me, try that. ;D

Me, looking like a real skateboarder. *flips hair* xP Photo credit to my sister, btw. She was practicing with my camera because we're both taking a photography class, and I had to try teach her some things. 
I also finally got to take some nice pictures of my sister, which was very fun. =D


Water Princess, Fire Prince by Kendra E. Ardnek

Sean Donovan by Lori Wick


\\ Peach frozen yogurt

\\ New dress, new shoes *winks*

\\ Strawberries on sale for 99 cents. *thumbs up* 

\\ Campfires, sweatshirts, marshmallows, stars <3


\\ When you cannot figure out how to spell "tongue". I think I finally got it though. ;P

\\ Trying to paint your fingernails. Is it just messy me, or is painting your own fingernails a lost cause? xP You don't put it on fast enough, and it's not smooth, or you keep accidentally touching it and messing it up... *shakes head*

\\ When you sign up for a photo site and they give you 50 FREE prints! ... shipping not included. Um, that's not FREE. :P But it's still cool. *winks*

\\ When you do a good parking job. *satisfied smile*

\\ When you have to coax your little brother FOREVER, with other sisters giving their imput, to finally get him to stick his arms in his new leather-looking jacket. So cute! And he was almost too stubborn to try it on. *rolls eyes*

\\ When your earring falls out in Goodwill. 'Cause I was trying things on.


\\ Well... my birthday? I'm turning 17 on the third. :) So in other words, tomorrow.

\\ Oh yea, our home school co-op is starting up once again. Of course I'm looking forward to it, because then I get to see people every week. *winks* The classes I'm taking? Photojournalism, Bullet Journaling, and then Medieval Literature or something. We only had two options for each hour (there's three). :)

\\ I'll be starting my senior year soon... is that something to be looking forward to? Not sure. ;P Don't get me wrong, I do want to graduate. *winks*


Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Four Days of Family \\ Reunion

Last week my dad's side of the family met at a big house and had a four-day reunion. One family was missing- it would have been many times better with them! But I guess that's life. And it was still a fun time, being mostly all together and all staying in a big house! :) There were my grandparents, many aunts and uncles, loads of cousins, as well as a couple "cousins-in-law" if that's a thing (;P), and one of my cousins' two little girls. So, yea, lot's of people. *winks* I love having a big family. I can't imagine being one of those people with only two cousins!

 Anyhow, here's just a dump of things we did during those few days!

Riding up in my big brother's Cadillac for six hours. Stopping at a gas station and eating lunch at the edge of the parking lot. Then winding down all these country back roads to reach the "manor". :)

Watching the many volleyball games. I joined a few, but I don't think I was much of an asset. *sticks out tongue* But between many uncles, aunts, and cousins, volleyball was the big thing. ;) My grandparents even played sometimes! 

Sitting out by the fire at night, stars shining overhead, wearing sweatshirts (this deserves mention, people), just hanging out. The fire was probably one of my favorite things. :) Sometimes we roasted marshmallows and little smokies... I had a s'more once. *winks* I need a few more campfires before summer ends. Or in the fall. That'll work.  

Piling in vehicles and going for a beautiful hike. Big rock overhangs, a little tunnel, a lovely little waterfall... that was a fun time. :)

Photographing the kids doing an obstacle course, which included egg on a spoon race, eating doughnuts off a string (hung from the volleyball net *winks*), and finding gummy worms in whipped cream with their mouths. :) 

Making our marks on the chalkboard, hanging out on the couch with electronic devices... ;P

 And playing pool... or watching others play. ;)

Getting caught in the midst of a water balloon battle, where your cousin throws a balloon at someone and you get wet. xP 
Also water balloon volleyball (we just volleyed them, and didn't play a real game). And yes, there WAS a spider in one of the balloons! 

Taking a long trip to Walmart with the cousins, and getting Starbucks. Another day we went to a gas station that was closer and got snacks and such. 

All in all, it was blessed just being together! I wish I could see my cousins more often... maybe another reunion in a couple years? *winks*