Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Black and White Dress\\ Classy Vintage Style

Happy Tuesday to you all! How did the week start off for you? It's been good for me so far. I went to the chiropractor today {I guess I have scoliosis or something} and also bought a dress which I think will be the final choice for my uncle's wedding. :) My mom said she'd pay for half of it, so yay. I only have to pay $10. *winks* Every now and then I actually buy something at a normal store, like TJMaxx. :P

Anyhow, I decided to show you another of the good-deal dresses I found recently. This is not the one I bought today. This is a good old thrift-store dress!


Dress: $4 at Salvation Army

Shoes: somewhere around $5 {probably...} at Goodwill. I think my mom bought them for me once.

Necklace: I think it was something I got from my aunt for free way back.

Earings: Christmas gift 

My "little" sister did a pretty good job with the pictures again... I had fun too. xP Weekly fashion shoots might become a thing around here. Lol. Not really, though I do have some more things I want to show y'all. :) 

One of the things I like about this dress is that you don't have to wear a tank-top underneath it. *winks* It is on the shorter side, however, so definitely wear shorts under any dress like this. It would be nice if it was like, two inches longer. xP

Hope you enjoyed!


Saturday, July 14, 2018

Baby Name Challenge \\ Tag

Hey guys, today I'm doing a really fun tag: the Baby Name Challenge! I love names, so this should be great. *winks* Thank you, DAMINIKA, for tagging me!

\\ RULES \\

Answer the questions

Tag three friends

1.What are your favorite boy and girl name from the top 100 of the year?

BOY: Jace (#80) or Kayden (#82). These are actually both on my "future kids list" (except I had it as "Kaden"). I think I have a bias for these names because they're people from one of my favorite book series. xP

GIRL: Brielle (#81)

2.What are your least favorite boy and girl name from the top 100 of the year?

BOY: Muhammad (#39) 

GIRL: Delilah (#95) It's not that it's the worst-sounding...  but this is the name of an evil woman from the Bible. Just... no. xP

3.If you had twins, what would you name them?

BOYS: Kaden and Kien

GIRLS: Dathasha and Tashawna

BOY & GIRL: Jonathan and Nadia. I'll just go with this. ;P

4. If you could change your name to anything, what would you change it to?

Oh, I don't know. I might do Tashawna. I know, I already used that for my twin girls. xP But yeah, this name is kind of similar to my actual name. I like my name. *smiles*

5. If you had four children, any sex, all with the same letter, what would their names be?

BOY: August
GIRL: Arianna 
BOY: Alexander
GIRL: Adalee

Idk if this is what I'd actually do, but these sound nice together. ^__^

6. What is your favorite animal inspired name?

BOY: Hawke

GIRL: Leona (means "lioness")

7. What is your favorite color inspired name?

BOY: Coal

GIRL: Ivory or Hazel

8.  What are your top three favorite boy names?

Umm, from the ones on my "list" I'd say Jace, Kaden, and Kien. They're all from books. *facepalm* OR I could do Jace, Kaden, and Hawke. I actually like Hawke for a name... *adds it to name list* *winks*

9. What are your top three favorite girl names?

I'll go with Dathasha, Tashawna, and Ameralee. <333

10. What is your favorite month inspired name?

BOY: August

GIRL: December

11. Choose a name from a movie.

BOY: Flynn (Tangled)

GIRL: Astrid (How to Train Your Dragon)

12. Choose a name that is already in your family.

BOY: William 

GIRL: Saraya 

(both first cousins)

13. Choose a name from a book.

BOY: Cazien (The Eyes of Everia series by Serena Chase)

GIRL: Cora (The Grand Tour series by Lisa T. Bergren)

\\ I TAG \\

Emmaline from Crystal Ice Studio

Victoria G. from Victoria's Book Nook

Paige from Paige's Pages 

(If y'all are interested *winks*)

Hope you enjoyed this! It was fun!

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Navy Embroider Dress\\ Outfit

We went shopping on Saturday. *cheers because I love buying things* 

The outfit I wore on Sunday features my $3 Goodwill dress find: A navy blue dress with embroidered edges. I found it on the rack where people put the things they tried on but didn't want (check those!), and it ended up being the one thing I bought from Goodwill. It was half-off day, so yay for spending only three bucks. *winks*


dress: $3 from Goodwill
sandals: $1 from garage sale
earrings: Christmas gift

A $4 outfit, guys! *winks* (I didn't actually wear the hair clip to church, but if we include that... hair clip: given to me xP)

My sister took these pictures of me... some of them turned out pretty nice. ;)

I found some things at the Salvation Army too, so maybe I'll give y'all some more outfits soon! What do you think?


Tuesday, July 3, 2018

June 2018

Hey hey hey! The tardy blogger has arrived. I'm here for my overview of June, which is pretty much a bunch of bad phone pictures and some "moments", as usual. I will be happy on that day that I get a phone with a good camera {that day, please come soon}.

For now, you'll have to suffer through these pictures with me. :P

So. How was your June 2018? The month went well for me. Now it's July, which has started out good and bad. I had my first swimming day of the year at our local water park... but on the other hand, I'm sunburned and sick with a cold {have a cup of peppermint tea in front of me rn}. But it's not horrible, so I'm fine. :P

On with the bad quality photo dump!

A due trip to Chick-fil-A. *winks*

Sunday Bible study at my aunt and uncle's.

Strawberry picking and preparing!

Chick-fil-A's 50's Day! I bought a peach milkshake. <3

Sunday hangout with my boy cousins and a couple of my siblings. *winks*

We babysat for some friends of ours for awhile. I went to their house a couple times, but they were mostly at our house. ;)

My sister holding their kitten. :)

Our first hot dog roast in the fire pit my dad made! This is one thing you have to do in the summer. :)

And don't forget the s'mores. *winks*

I enjoyed a few oatmeal smoothies this month. ^__^

The frosty's weren't 50 cents... but I bought one anyway. ;)

Last day babysitting! I was at their house, so me and one of the girl's made some lasangas- one for supper, the other for the freezer. :) We played Trivial Pursuit for a little while before supper. My first time playing that game, I believe, and I didn't get any points. :P But we didn't actually finish the game, so...

{Do y'all find that a weird name? We've had this cat since I was 7 or 8, so it's totally normal to us xP}

In town again. I bought a dress to wear to a formal wedding we're going to this summer- it was five dollars! #thriftstores
Also, kombucha. Yes.

On-sale ice cream that I "couldn't" pass up.

Friday = frozen yogurt with friends and siblings.

Sunday cousins' hangout again. Starbucks {caramel iced coffee}, walking around Dick's Sporting Goods {'cause the actual mall was closed}, Burger King, fireworks, and spending a little time at my aunt and uncle's house. Those fireworks were kinda out-of-control though. After the first one they lit, I decided I'd better hide in the car. ;P

A walk with lots of pretty sights.

We helped at our friend's VBS the last week of June. We brought lunch one day to eat after, and ended up having a thunderstorm pic-nic on the covered porch. That was fun, actually. *winks*

Neat-looking clouds



\\ Watching too much Netflix at night with my sister, because I got a free month of it. ;P

\\ My first time helping out in a "public" skit... at VBS... where I had to throw a banana over a fake waterfall, while hidden. That was my only act. xP xD

\\ Quickly switching lanes, and accidently setting off the windshield wipers at the same time. LOL moment.

\\ The "bomb explosions" of thunder