Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Desolate, Rustic, Breathtaking \\ God's Sculptures from Above

Hey guys, here's the promised post of photos I took while flying. There was some really beautiful geography we passed over, and I thought it was worthy of it's own post. *winks*

Though the mountains be shaken and the hills be removed, yet my unfailing love for you will not be shaken nor my covenant of peace be removed," says the LORD, who has compassion on you.

Isaiah 54:10


Saturday, January 13, 2018

Here I Am \\ The Start of this Vacation

Hey guys, I'm back already! *grins* My sister and got up early Thursday morning, around five, and our mom brought us to the airport, where we set out on this adventure! The first flight was pretty short. 

We landed, and our next gate was right nearby. We sat by the big windows for a little while before boarding time. And yes, I wore my cowgirl boots. *grins* I think I was dressed right for this Texas airport. *winks and laughs*

We headed out again, this time on a very long flight- I think it ended up being around 4.5 hours. It was pretty long, but it wasn't bad. Well, not for me. Flying doesn't usually effect me too much. ;)

Ate lots of snacks, wrote in my diary, rested a little, played a game on my sister's kindle... took pictures of the GORGEOUS geography we flew over. There was some beautiful things, guys. It's so cool that we can fly over the earth and see all the wonders from above. :) I shall be posting more of those pictures on here separately, so you'll have to wait. ;)

We arrived at last! We got picked up, ate some food at Burgerville, and got dropped off at my Grandparents house. We got to see and visit some with family, which was nice.

The first full day, yesterday, was pretty quiet. My sister and I just sat around the house, doing whatever. 

Today is a nice sunny day, and we're going to head out to do stuff with our older brother, so better end this soon. And tomorrow I'm going to hang out with a friend, after church...


Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Farewell... Off to find Adventures!

Yes, my post is a day late. I don't usually post Wednesdays. But I'm leaving on vacation soon, so you can forgive me! *winks*

That is why today I'm saying farewell to y'all for a bit, 'cause I'm off to find adventures! It's a nearly month-long vacation. I have one post scheduled, but other than that, there's no guarantee that I'll be posting. I certainly might! Not promising anything though. Sorry. ;P

Today I took a few pre- wedding practice photos, which was fun! =D

This dress is no wedding gown, I know, but it worked for practice. *winks* Rings are always fun too.

Anyhow, wish me luck! xD

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Bucket List for 2018

Here comes my first post of 2018! We have begun the journey! *winks*

I thought it would be nice to write down what I'd like to do this year... my goals, dreams, you know. *winks* Not New Year's resolutions, because those... don't always go well? xP These are just things I'd like to do! Dream list, goals list, accomplishment list.

So, let's see...

|| Have a beautiful vacation spending time with family & friends this month! ||

|| Be a success my first time photographing a wedding ||

|| Finish high-school strong ||

|| Get some sort of job\ way to earn money ||

|| Make up lots of recipes! ||

Where has this loveliness gone?? Maybe now that I'll be graduating... and NOT going to college.

|| Swim a lot once summer comes again ||

|| And get a tan *winks and grins* ||

|| Have lots of fun times with friends and cousins ||

|| Set a time of day where I spend time with God ||

Because for some reason, this can be HARD. Feel me?

|| Start working out\exercising ||

I want to be a strong person, and that won't happen by itself. xP And... I'm supposed to be getting a certain amount of P.E. before I graduate?? Hehe. Um, better get back at it.

|| Read 20 books ||

This shouldn't be hard, since I read like, 22 last year... 2017.

|| Make beautiful memories ||


Saturday, December 30, 2017

Reflecting on 2017 \\ Looking Ahead

Years come and go, and a new one starts. Time never stops ticking... days never stop dawning, months never stop ending. But amidst all the time passing us by, we manage to grasp onto fun moments, make sweet memories, learn, love, laugh, grow, forging ahead. 

And now we are about to embark on the journey of a brand new year- approximately 525,600 minutes of 2018. 

Are y'all ready to find out what the new year has in store for us all? *grins*

But first, I want to reflect on the moments and adventures of 2017!

Here are some snippets from my diary over the course of the year-  I omitted some of the emojis I had written in there, maybe corrected a few things. *winks*  

. . . . . . . . . 

I realized today: I'm almost an adult. Not quite "almost", but in a year and nine months, I'll be an adult! gah, that is way too weird!

January 2, 2017

Well, we're flying. I can see city lights out the window

We're on our own! =D

April 12, 2017

The BEST part of the day was going to the beach!

I got a little knocked around, but I got the hang of it (boogie boarding) more after a while. I still got saltwater in my lungs... well, probably not really. And I "got dunked" underwater. Those waves really beat you. ;) It was fun though!

April 14, 2017

Me and (friend) put most of the boards on the porch today. =D Proud of our accomplishment. We didn't do ALL of it ourselves, but quite a bit.
It rained today too. We got to leave early. :)

July 4, 2017

"Been livin' in our nice new house, enjoying the lovely kitchen. ;)"

"It got dark and we went swimming again! We walked down the road in the cool summer air, stars and moon shining up in the sky, my big towel around my shoulders... #perfectness"

 -August 10, 2017

"We're at the reunion!"

"I rode with (older brother) the whole way down here- er, UP here. It was probably around 6 hours."

August 23, 2017

"So it's over, and now we don't have all those cousin to sit around the fire with. *sniff*"

August 28, 2017

"It's 1-something in the morning, so it's technically my 17th birthday!"

September 3, 2017

"I went down the paved driveway some, and sat down in the night. Took star pics and such. So beautiful. It was cold out. Oh fall. <3"

October 1, 2017


November 17, 2017

I got my license!!!!!!! YES!! Finally, the time of having a permit and being behind is over. *sigh...* Eeeep, I can drive by myself!!! 
November 27, 2017

So driving alone! You can belt out Christmas songs, talk to yourself... It can be a queer-ish feeling sometimes, too, though. Like, ALONE.

December 13, 2017



My two older siblings came to see us. My brother just visited for a bit, but we got my sister back. *smiles*

My older sister and I babysat our cousins for a few days. 

Took a spur-of-the-moment trip to South Carolina!

February \\

Took a self-defense class... interesting stuff.

Went on a hike with cousins and people from home-school group

April \\

Me and my sister grabbed our sunglasses and went on a lovely trip to Florida!! Talk about taking a break from spring and jumping right to summer, and the beach, and tropical, and shells and swimming and alligators! *inserts hearts* Our aunt and uncle + cousins were there, so we stayed at our grandparents condo with them. Blessed times being with them... blessed beach days. I want to go again!

My sister and I attended our home-school group's first high school banquet! It was fun to dress up and have dinner, go on a crazy scavenger hunt, and play volleyball... fun stuff till midnight. *winks and grins*

May \\

After living in a rental since August 2014, we finally bought a house!

June \\

ALLL of that house working...

July \\

Went on a little missions excursion with a few people I know, for about a week. Cool experience!

Family came to visit!! We had some fun times going swimming in the river, visiting Civil War battle sites, going to town... <3

August \\

Moved into our new house.

The solar eclipse happened.

We had a family reunion with my dad's side, at a big manor\house we rented! ^___^

September \\

Experienced my 17th birthday.

Started my senior year of home-schooled high school. ;)

October \\

My parents, sister, and I went to a Tenth Avenue North concert!

November \\

Went to a Jonny Diaz concert with my sister and family friends! Plus we got a picture with him, so coolness. *winks*

Got a big horse, named Mousse!

Grandparents visited, and we had a nice Thanksgiving!


December \\

Christmas get-togethers and Christmas Day happened, along with all the seasonal baking and such. :)

I brought my 13- and 15-year-old brother and sister to pick up our cousins, and we went to hang out in town. *winks* We went to Starbucks (and used the gift cards we all got from our grandma), Walmart, Five Below, and Burger King, for supper. It was dark by then, and I drove back to our cousins house. We hung out for a little while, then headed home. It was a fun day. :) 

And thus, the year 2017 ends, and we come to the threshold of beginning again, a new year. ^___^


overnight babysitting with my older sister

went to a trampoline park

got a goldfish, Logy, and he's still livin' *winks*

visited the state of Florida

got my ears pierced

went on an overnight missions excursion

drove a big truck

jumped off a cliff into a river

went to a Christian pop concert

overnight babysitting where I was the oldest person in the house... "in charge".

applied for a job

went to my first job interview

got my driver's licence

drove to the store alone for the first time


 Hysterically laughing while playing a dirt-bike video game with your brother... because I was trying to crash him while he raced, and I was on free ride. :P I get crazy when I'm playing games LOL.

 When you live in an old house and the toilet starts having problems... and you have to use buckets of water to flush it at midnight. Yea. xP

When you keep cracking up over a picture you took, when someone is making the most hilarious face. *dies laughing* ;P It's so funny.

When you hit your first possum while driving. ;P

Taking a walk down the road with my sisters, with our bowls full of jelly beans. xD 

All the twilight\night walks with siblings, with the fireflies, the moon, the stars, and the smell of summer. *sigh*

Finding white paint in your hair while trying on clothes at Goodwill. Yep, I've been painting. 

When a semi-truck passes you. *blink blink* Come on, really?

When you get an infected foot, tetanus shot, and poison ivy all in the span of a few days. But the poison ivy was the worst. I still have it. *glares at it*

Taking a shower at midnight. 'Cause you stayed up too late. 'Cause you were texting. xP hehe. That's me for you. Socially impaired, procrastinating night owl. *nods*

Scaring the neighbors cows, yep.

Little bro: (says to roll the window up... or lighting will come in and 'trike us) "Lightning is tough. It will strike us down." 


A few pictures I took this year... if you want to see more, look through my blog. It takes too long for me to try find all my favorite pictures. ;P

\\ BOOKS READ IN 2017 \\

According to what I recorded on Goodreads, I read\finished reading 22 books this year, counting some books of the Bible. 

I *cough* totally failed my reading challenge... by 17 books. xP My challenge was obviously too much, haha.

The collage above are the novels I read (or finished) this year.

Here are the books I'm currently reading, that I'll finish in the new year. 

\\ BLOG STATS OF 2017 \\


POST OF 2017: 100




Crazy, crazy stuff, folks. Some of it the scariest thing ever. Also, grand opportunity, new experience, lovely vacation. I'll stop talking in "riddles" now, and just tell you what I KNOW should happen in 2018. 

. . . . . .

In January, my sister and I are taking a trip to the West Coast for about a month! We'll get to spend time with our brother, relatives, and friends. <3
And also while we're there, I... I am shooting my first wedding. *blink* Can you believe it?! It's a totally new thing in photography for me, and quite crazy and scary. Also a big honor, of course! But... I'm responsible for all the pictures! Like, ME. I'll have my sister there to help me set people up and such, so I'm grateful for that. I just really hope I do a good job, and all goes well. Y'all can say a prayer for me, that I won't be too scared! ;) 

In the spring, I believe, our homeschool group will have it's annual high school banquet, which they started doing this past year. That will be something to look forward to again! 

Hopefully at the end of May or before, I'll be graduating high school! Little old me, growing up. I don't know what I'll do after this happens. Get a job? Work on getting a photography business started? I don't really know what my purpose is in life, so I guess it'll be the start to a journey of discovery, perhaps. *smiles*

There is also a possibility that all of the seniors from my homeschool group will take a graduation trip!! That would be so cool! 

Summer 2018, my family (at least my mom and us) will probably be taking a trip to the West Coast. My uncle is getting married. :) That will be a lot of fun, to again see all the dear people out there. There's another crazy thing that might be going on in this trip, but I think I'll not say anything about it until it's finalized. ;)

September 3, 2018 will be my birthday. Not just ANY birthday, guys. I'll be turning eighteen, entering into adulthood! o.o 

TOLD YOU CRAZY THINGS ARE GOING TO HAPPEN THIS YEAR! I'm going to do my first wedding, graduate, and become an adult! Life is happening... all I can say. ;P

Let the adventure begin! 

HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU ALL!!! *fireworks*


Tuesday, December 26, 2017

December 2017

Here for my monthly highlights post for the last month of the year! 

Hopefully I'll be able to throw together a nice end-of-the-year post for Saturday. ;)


Drove around town with the sibs. #freedomsofhavingyourlicense

We dropped books off at the library, I stood in line to mail something at the post office for my mom, drove on a one-way street, went to Walmart to get some things we needed- and decided to pick up a discounted chocolate cake too...  *grins* #crazieswithsiblings

And the wierd selfie from the driver's seat. xP

That rare day when you get to be home alone for a bit! 

Haha, look at my mace, at the ready. xP

\\Driving alone for the first time. I went to the store to buy a present for a party the next day. Got stuck at the lights for... probably at least three red lights? *squeaks and face palm* YEAA. Driving alone is kinda weird. And then on the way home I got kinda scared, because there was these green-ish headlights behind me, and I thought the person flashed at me... I don't know if they did, but it was dark, and I was alone. xP I turned into our road, and they passed, and I just slowed way down and tried to calm down. Haha.

\\ Then I drove alond the 2nd time the next day- I went to friend's house, so I could ride with them to a Christmas party. It was fun. :) 

\\ We got a lovely tree!

\\ We sang Christmas songs at assistant living facilities and such, with our Bible study group. The last time we went, we went to Pizza Hut with the cousins afterward, for lunch. :)

\\ Christmas Eve eve, spend with friends. We went to a candlelight service, had delicious Mexican food for supper, and played Dutch Blitz and Mad Libs. *grins*

\\ Christmas Eve was a family day. We opened gifts from each other and Grandparents, played games, and watched a movie.

Christmas Eve dinner
We shrunk! xD (One of the present our older brother sent)

\\ Christmas Day also ended up just being a family day. We were going to get together with relatives, but there was some sickness and such going on, so we didn't end up doing it. We opened up stockings that morning, and just played games and such the rest of the day. :) 


The yummy chocolate cake we picked up. *winks*


Went shopping with mom and sisters, and we were treated to drinks... this is my strawberry lemonade kombucka. It's the healthy soda, I think. Fermented stuff, guys. *grins and laughs*


\\ Trying Tom Brady's Avocado Ice Cream. ;P

\\ Belting out Christmas songs as I drive alone. *grins*

\\ When the printer tries to eat ALL the paper! xP

I'll just close this post with some Christmas gifts I got, because that's always fun. ^___^

These are things we opened on Christmas Eve (a couple day before). 

Mine are above, family gifts below. *winks* (Those three little think in the right hand corner were from my little sister.^^ *smiles*)

And these are my stocking gifts, opened yesterday! ^___^ I got so many lovely things!

LifeStraw (filters water so it's safe to drink- would be good for camping, or emergency situations), chocolates, gel pens, boot socks, earrings, natural mascara + more. *smiles* 

Ugh, if only posts didn't take SOOO LONG, then I could make them nice and perfect. *sighs in despair* Ha.