Tuesday, January 15, 2019

My Goals, Hopes, and Inspiration for 2019

At just two weeks into the year twenty-nineteen, I've already  had the feeling that this is going to be a good year. I don't think I really had much for goals right as the year started...

But then there's been these things. Small things, good things. I feel like God is maybe working in my life. :) There was the sermon at our church a couple Sundays ago that I think hit home with some of us. It was about drifting. You know how the Israelites, after being brought up out of Egypt, wandered in the desert for 40 years? Turns out they could have made it to the Promised Land in about 11 days. Like, what??! 
Well, that's kinda how I've been. Just drifting through life. Not really changing much. Going in circles. And goodness, I don't want it to take ME 40 years to get where I want to be. I want to live an abundant and joyful life. :)

So I have goals now, guys. *winks* Just things I want to strive toward. I don't have to do everything perfectly, and always feel fired up and ready to conquer the world; but I think persevering after these goals will help me be more intentional in life. :)

So here are a few goals of mine for the year 2019!


\\ Read my Bible and pray daily

\\ Grow in my faith and as a person in general

\\ Work out\excerise three times a week

\\ Buy a car

\\ Be more involved in my church

\\ Grow as a photographer

\\ Read at least 10 books
\\ Journal more

\\ Don't let myself drift from day to day, but to be intentional about life and accomplishing things, connecting with people, etc. (kinda sums everything up).

So, some ways these goals have already started showing promise, and why this year is looking like it may be different... in a good way. ;)

I got a free membership for the place I work (the YMCA), so I've worked out there 3 times so far. Me and exercise have never really gotten along that well, but this is something I may be able to be consistent with! I actually enjoy walking on the treadmill and listening to music. ^__^ 
It's so cool how God works... I get this job that is like perfect for me (as far as any old regular job goes), and with it comes the easiest way ever to get my exercise in. I'm so blessed.

Another cool thing that has happened is that we've started getting more involved in our church (it's a big church). Some of us went to Wednesday night activities last week, and my mom and I went to Sunday small groups this past Sunday. I'm looking forward to finally getting to know more people! It's so impersonal to just simply go to the service on Sunday when your church is as big as ours is. I'm excited!

I've started praying on my way to work these days. It just may be the best way I've found so far. The easiest, at least. I keep the music off, and I can talk out loud if I want. 'Cause there's nobody there to listen except God. *winks*


\\ Go on 1 or 2 vacations

\\ Go to the beach!

\\ Buy a laptop

\\ Buy a new phone

\\ Go exploring for a day in the city

\\ See cousins and friends who live in other states

\\ Have many, many adventures!

Just a few things that I would like (not in order)! ^__^ 


Fear GOD, not man.

This one is HUGE HUGE for me. It's not so much fearing man, as in evil people. It's fearing what people think of me. Fearing man's opinion... when God's opinion of me and what I do is the only one that matters. Like I said, this is a reminder I need. Like, bad.

When I am weak, HE is strong.

Unless the LORD builds the house, the  builders labor in vain.
-Psalm 127:1

If you try to "build" your heart and character without God's help, you labor in vain!



Two absolutely beautiful words. These I want in my life. Like an eagle soaring above mountain peaks. Like millions of twinkling, shining stars.

This year, I just want to know I'm growing. I want to learn more of who God is, I want to be less afraid, and I want to overflow with JOY. 




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Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Unique Blogger Award

Hey all! I am back! *winks*

Tonight's post is the Unique Blogger Award! I was tagged by Jacky over at Where the Eagles Fly. Go check out her blog, it's great! :)


Answer all the questions asked by the blogger who nominated you
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Ask 3 questions

1. What is a hobby/activity that you enjoy? Tell us about it!

I have many things I enjoy doing. Sadly, I haven't taken enough time on them. I have many interests, but I'm often not motivated enough to go explore or practice them. However, one interest of mine that isn't too neglected is photography. You all know I take pictures. :P But I thought, why not talk a little more about how I started taking pictures? Why my interest in photography has lasted 5+ years, not dying but fueling me to grow in skill and knowledge? So here it is. We'll see if I have something to write about this. *winks* 

I think it was during spring 2013 that I took out my mom's camera one day and took some pictures. I guess I found I really enjoyed it. One of my popular subjects were the buds on the trees. From that time on, me and cameras became good pals. I suppose I found an art special to me that spring, and since then I've taken t h o u s a n d s of pictures. 

I started out with a little point-and-shoot Sony camera that my mom had bought at a garage sale for $20. ;P Now I have a DSLR, as you know. One thing that hasn't changed, though, is how how much I enjoy photographing nature. Actually, if you look around my blog that's what the majority of my photos are of.

a picture from each year

That brings me to another question: why I love photography. Now, I'm not always dying to go take pictures. Often looking back on the pictures is when I really feel my love for it. ;) Why? I think the short answer could be, well, because I love beauty. I LOVE BEAUTY. Simple, really. *smiles* Also, I'm an artist. So it brings me delight to find that I captured a stunningly, or simply, or delicately, or rusticly beautiful image.

So that's a bit about me and photography. Maybe I should've talked about one of my more obscure hobbies but... sorry, not sorry. ;)

2. If you could visit a place in any novel you have read, where would it be? Why?

Hm. Maybe I'd go to the fantastical world of Everia, in the Eyes of Everia series. As long I was safe from the dangers. ;P Why? Because it's a cool fantasy world. Bards who create visions of the stories they are telling. Charming pirates. *winks* Giant seahorses. Medieval-ish feel.

3. What is your favorite holiday? Why?

I don't know. Maybe Thanksgiving? All the delicious food, FALL, family all around, just hanging out. 

I TAG: Anybody who wishes to do it!!


1. What are two goals you have for this year?

2. What is one thing God has gifted you at, and how do you hope to use it?

3. What was one if your favorite pastimes as a child?


Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Reflecting on 2018

I guess it's that time of year again. Time to look back on the year 2018. Time to wonder how on earth another year is coming to an end, how it went by so darn fast.

And time to be sentimental, because I kinda am about these things. *laughs*

But it is special. A new year is so fresh and hopeful! Looking back on the good memories of this past year is so warming to the heart. Time is precious, and we should treat is so.

And so without further ado, this is a reflection on how my year went, the year two-thousand-and-eighteen.

I recently looked back on my yearly reflections post of 2017, and found that I actually really liked how I did it {must've done something right if I still like it :P). So I'm going to start this post out with some snippets from my diaries throughout this year.

> > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > >

I knew crazy things were going to happen this year... 


I'm zooming along above the clouds right now. 

Me and Shantelle brought so many shoes, amongst ourselves! But we could bring more suitcases than one each, so... ;P I probably over-packed.


It was quite a fun time! We stopped here and there, and I took pictures. 

I got some nice clear ones of Mt. St. Helens.


It went pretty well, thankfully! My first wedding!


Maybe I should go back to being 16. ;P That's almost the perfect age... Maybe.


Well tonight I just watched the saddest movie I've ever watched (pretty sure). 

But this- the last episode of When Calls the Heart season 5- I could not help crying.


I'm going to be stepping into a new phase in life- adulthood. And I don't know what I'm doing. xP


Yeah, that was that. We graduated!


It's been a wonderful trip so far! 

So we had supper and swam!
We all stood on the logs as they tipped from side to side, getting our sea legs on. xP

It was SO BEAUTIFUL up there! There were lovely views and fat wild blackberries. I love the mountains.

Then it was back to her (Daminika's) house, where we just sat out back in camping chairs and talked. And talked. It was awesome! :)


The wedding went well, though it was hot!

Awesome uncle, brand-new aunt. ;)


So yeah. I think I was winning at first, even tho I don't even "throw" the bowling ball right. xP


We picked T (older brother) up from the airport last night! Yes, he's here for Christmas! :)


|| noteworthy events ||

Went to the West Coast with my older sister and photographed my very first wedding!!

See my posts on that trip HEREHEREHERE, and HERE.

Got home from vacation, lived life.

Went to an overnight discipleship thing with some friends. 

Getting my senior pictures done, going to my last Highschool Banquet.

I graduated from high school! You can see my post on that here.

Strawberry picking, helping with VBS, just life.

First swim of  the year at the water park, where I got sunburned. Independence day, and my nose wouldn't stop running. :P

Flew out to the West for a vacation!!

Wonderful vacation visiting family and friends, and I photographed my second wedding! It was my uncle and now aunt's, and it was beautiful! I still haven't asked them if I could post the pictures anywhere, so... y'all will have to wait to see them. :P 

Got to have some lovely times with Daminika! <33

See some of my picturesque adventures on that trip HEREHEREHERE, and HERE.

I turned eighteen! I have a post here.

Had some fun adventures at the lake with the cousins. *smiles*

Started my job at the YMCA! I've now been working there for three months, and it's such a blessing to have a steady income. 

Bowling, harvest events, etc.

Hog roast, voting, THANKSGIVING!!

Celebrating CHRISTMAS, brother coming to visit, bringing the year to an end. ;)

|| the firsts ||

first wedding (as a photographer)

first smartphone

graduated high school

first time playing laser tag

first time kayaking

became an adult

first job

first time voting

|| those "moments" ||

Drinking two watermelon Italian soda's while hanging out at a friend's house. ;)

Me and my sisters belting out songs, in a jolly mood, out in the dark on Valentines Day.

Little bro saying b-grilla instead of  gorilla *laughs*


Fifteen and thirteen year old siblings having a fun time trying on my graduation stuff. ;P

 Cleaning at my aunt and uncle's, and we realize there's a camera set up on the porch. Oh... wonder what awkward poses that caught me doing? *laughs*

My first time helping out in a "public" skit... at VBS... where I had to throw a banana over a fake waterfall, while hidden. That was my only act. xP haha.

Allll those interesting adventures with the cousins... like when you run out of gas... and it's night. *facepalm*

|| photography ||

This year I was the photographer for two weddings and some family reunion pictures. ^__^ 
The fact that I had the privilege of being the photographer for TWO weddings this year is amazing. I'm very thankful for the experience, as well as the beautiful photos I got  to take. <33 They both took place in the same state, but one was during the winter on a wet day, the other during the summer on a hot sunny day! *laughs* That's great for experience!

Just looking forward to another year of taking pictures! Idk what I'll be doing, but I guess that's to find out. :)

|| books read ||

I'm a little ashamed to admit that I only read\finished... four books this year (besides book of the Bible). This is awful. I'll try to do better in 2019. *hides face* I really want to get back into reading.

I was almost done Until Tomorrow, I'm pretty sure, but then we went on vacation. I need to get it from the library again and finish it! 
And I'm currently reading The Negotiator!

|| best movies watched ||

Some of the top movies\shows I watched during the year 2018!

All six season of the Father Knows Best TV show. It was really good! If only they hadn't cancelled it before "everything" happened. <33


The Greatest Showman

I Can Only Imagine

Roman Holiday

And all four of the Hunger Games movies. I had watched Catching Fire already, but I just recently watched the other three! They were good.

|| blog stats as of 2018 ||

followers: 29

posts of 2018: 67

approximate total pageviews: 106,853

|| 2019? ||

I really don't know what 2019 is going to be like. I don't have as many plans yet as I did for 2018. I guess, like a lot of life, it'll just be a surprise! First year completely free of school, working... idk, idk, idk. We'll see. ^__^

I do have one super, SUPER exciting thing to tell you guys about, something coming this new year. We are going to have a new baby in the house sometimes spring 2019!!!! SO EXCITED!! This will be sibling number eight for me, and I'm so very excited for a baby in the house again! <333333 Goodness. It'll be wonderful. ^__^

Other than that, we'll see what yet another year brings!

Well that's that! 




Saturday, December 29, 2018

December 2018

Hey guys. I know I've been pretty absent from this blog lately... just letting myself slack, and being OK with it. Ha. Whatever. :P

I'm here now, for my last little photo dump of the year. Here's a bit of what my December was like.

Mexican restaurant with the cousins. ^^

^^ I guess Spicy was happy to see me, lol.

HOLIDAY INN...  gingerbread cookies

^^ Taco Bell with my little sister, bc I had a gift card (rarely go there but it's GOOD)


Shantelle's birthday outing! Giant bookstore, berry frozen yogurt at Costco, and PIZZA.

I made a wreath from a fallen pine branch. ;)

Delicious Panera Bread Brownie...    Going to my work Christmas party.

MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! I got some beautiful things. <3333

I painted my toenails red and fingernails gold before going to hang out with extended family Christmas night. My nails are already chipped... well the glittery gold was fun while it lasted. ;P