Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Blog Change \\ I Went to Another Concert! + "New" Art

The autumn leaves are falling away, and Thanksgiving is approaching! It seems the leaves always like to go away a bit too fast. Last week may have been the perfect time for me to do all the fall pictures... kinda missed it. ;P I took some. However, there is a little fall charm left still, evidenced by the photo shoot I did of my little sister yesterday. *heart eyes* There's nothing like a successful photo shoot. *winks*

A sibling took this of me, in that "prime" fall time. ;)


So I decided I'm going to change my blog schedule a little. Lately it seems I've had to do some sort of last-minute posting. We were a tad busier last week? Anyhow, I'm going to have one definite posting day a week: Tuesday. If I feel like do another post, it'll be a surprise. *winks* I might still do any spontaneous post on Saturday though? We'll see.
Also, I think I'm going to drop the currently posts... I already have monthly highlights, which have some of the same things. What do you think? 

So that's blog changes! 


Like my title tells you, I went to another concert! *grins* My fifteen-year-old sister and I went with some family friends.  

It was a Jonny Diaz concert... AND I GOT A PICTURE WITH HIM! *grins* Like so cool, guys. :D I've never had a picture taken with someone whose more "known". Actually, my sister was in the picture too, but I cropped her out. *cough* I'm so mean. Just kidding! ;P Family privacy again. 
Anyhow, Jonny Diaz is a really nice guy. He has a great voice, and some great songs- I might need to do an Artist's Spotlight for him. Only done one of those so far, you know...


Here's some art I haven't shown y'all before...

The portrait was drawn from a picture of Jennifer Laurence. Maybe you can see similarities...? I'm not very good at full figures, but you guys can see this one for fun. ;P

I drew this on a marker board. :D That can be fun.


Saturday, November 11, 2017

Movies I've Watched Recently Tag

I was tagged by Daminika for the Movies I've Watched Recently Tag
I can't really think of many movies that I've watched recently-ish for the first time. Only two? And it's hard to recall all movies I've  watched over... or if I even watched the entire thing. ;P 

But here we go anyway! ^___^

~It's a Wonderful Life~

I know I watched this again, with some siblings. I don't think it was exactly "recently" though. Oh well.

~Princess Cut~

This was a really nice movie! ^___^ I watched it back in September.

I've watched some How to Train Your Dragon stuff, I'm pretty sure. Some of the Netflix series', and probably at least parts of the movies. ;P Hiccup and Toothless are always nice. *winks*

 ~The Ultimate Legacy~ 

This actually WAS a recent watch. *winks* I enjoyed it well enough. 

I Tag: 

Rule: Must be movies you've watched most recently (one month)


Tuesday, November 7, 2017

LIFE + Thoughts I Wrote about Awe \\ Oh Beautiful Fall

Just a quick Tuesday post, way late, though I have an excuse. My sister and I babysat cousins overnight, then my mom picked us up to sing at an assisted living with friends and family from Bible study, then we came home... and headed out to the "big city". We went to the mall, and my older sister and I got some nice country boots to share. *grins* It's about time I got some real country-girl boots.

On Sunday before church, my little siblings and I had some fun with the leaves. Me and my three-year-old brother were gathering leaves. We actually have a lot- and a lot of pretty ones. ;) Of course, with all the fall beauty around me, I had to grab my camera... and a rake. *winks* We made a leaf pile, and if there's one thing about leaf piles and kids, it really draws out real smiles. :) I'd love to show some of the pics I got of the kids, but my mom doesn't really like me sharing those on here anymore. *sad face*

And now, just a few thoughts I wrote down a couple nights ago, in closing...

Sometimes we seem to forget WHO God is. Then there's that moment of awe when we remember. The sound of pouring rain and rumbling thunder- that is God's power. That storm is of His creation. Wow.
Or when you look at, or feel, your hand in the night, and that thought comes: God MADE this hand. Awe. It's so amazing when we truly think about this. I mean, we all know that God made us and everything else. But there are those moments when it actually hits you... and you glimpse His power, or His intimate connection to us.


Saturday, November 4, 2017

Seeing Tenth Avenue North Live

Hey guys! In October I went to my first Christian pop concert, featuring Tenth Avenue North! *grins* That's what I'm talking about today, because it obviously deserves a post of it's own- seeing popular Christian artists, great photo opportunities, and just the adventure of it, you know. *winks*

So, how did my parents, my sister, last minute buying VIP tickets to a concert the night before it was happening? The answer to this question: my sister. Yep. Tenth Avenue North is her hero band, and she wanted to go so bad, that we went. I lucked out and got to go too. *grins*

So we were off on a musical adventure! Here's a bit about it, featuring my photography. *winks*

We arrived in the town the concert would take place, found where it was going to be, and went to grab something to eat. I got a grilled chicken sandwich. :)

Then we headed over! My mom took a picture of my dad, sister, and I in front the Tenth Avenue North's tour bus... but I cropped them out, because I probably shouldn't put them on here... personal family privacy reasons, you know. *winks* 

It was pretty packed in the entrance- they might've been setting up the merchandise tables still? Anyhow, we stood near the door for a bit, until they at last ushered us into the concert area to sit down. We were VIP, so we got to be there for a Q&A and acoustic set and stuff. :) Plus we got like, third row seats. *grins* So yea, this is Tenth Avenue North performing their song Beloved. It's a really lovely song. :) 

There were two other guys at this concert. Jon McLaughlin performed first. I hadn't known him before this, but he's really good on the piano. Beautiful Disaster is a really nice song of his. Then it was Brandon Heath's turn, and I do know him. *winks* These pictures were when Jon came out and played for one of Brandon's songs.

Snacks. *grins* 

Then it was Tenth Avenue North's turn, which was definitely my favorite part. ^___^ They really are a great band- they have a lot of good songs.

Here's the lead singer, Mike, in the crowd. He came down the isle right by us- I was sitting farther in, so I didn't get a high-five from him. *winks* Too bad. He's a pretty cool guy. He's pretty funny and full of life, but you can also tell he has a heart for God. Really cool to see. :)

That drummer there is Jason.

This guys name is Jeff.

Most of my pictures are of Mike, but he was the most visible, after all. I don't think I could've got that good of picture of the other guys very often.

They performed for quite a while, and it was great! ^___^ I had a lovely time, and my sister was in fluffy-cloud-land, I think. xD 
But eventually, it did end... as all things do. ;)

Tenth Avenue North's merchandise table

Sadly, we didn't get a picture with any of them. Tenth Avenue North didn't come out. The other guys were, but we didn't get to hang around long enough. We did walk by Reuben, fromTenth Avenue North, though. Out on the sidewalk. *grins* I just looked at him. ;P

Anyhow, it was a great first Christian pop concert experience, and I hope to go to more! *grins*


Tuesday, October 31, 2017

October 2017

Another month has come and gone! Don't ask me how there's only two more months of 2017 left, 'cause...

So, time for my monthly highlights post!


\\ Those fall picture walks

\\ Our house got a sidewalk. And yea, I still haven't shown you all much of this house.... um, why are you surprised? I'm good at procrastinating. xP Besides, my room isn't picture-worthy yet. I suppose I'm procrastinating on getting it picture-worthy, too. *shakes head*

\\ Went to church with some friends of mine, then bowling after with their youth group. :)

\\ I BROUGHT A JOB APPLICATION IN TO CHICK-FIL-A CAN YOU BELIEVE IT. Yes, I'm kinda crazy. To think I could work there?? But I haven't heard back, so we'll see. O.O

\\ Hobby Lobby after applying for the job. Hobby Lobby has the most beautiful things!

\\ Helped with pickle- making. *winks*

\\ Got up around 5:40 one morning to go garage-saling with friends. That was fun, of course. And I found some nice clothes. :D

Nice clothes, like this $1 sweater-shirt. <333 I've been wearin' the thing.

\\ Going to a fall festival at some friends' church. It was so fall and fun. *winks* 

*Ice cream at Chick-fil-A afterward*

\\ Co-op classes ended. This spring will be my last time. Then maybe I'll consider helping in the classes. *shrugs* :)

\\ Family movie night, where we ate snack food and watched The Ultimate Legacy. *winks*


\\ The lovely black raspberry chocolate chip ice cream. <3

\\ "Jelly marbles". I had to get these for Physics, so we had some fun. ;D You put the tiny balls into water, and they absorb it and grow into jelly, marble-sized balls. Then you play with them. xP The picture above is a before and after of the "marbles"

And if you put them in water? They almost disappear, because they themselves are almost all water. And if you wonder what this has to do with physics, it's light. The disappearing thing has to do with light and the marbles having the same "refractive index" as water or something. Physics-y stuff. *winks and sticks out tongue* 

\\ Making two pumpkin pies

\\ Going to my first "Christian pop" concert!!! My parents took my sister and I (thanks for taking us!! =D) and it was very fun! We saw Tenth Avenue North in real life, ya know. And one of the guys even passed me on the sidewalk afterward. I just looked at him. xP It was kinda like, "Hey, that's..." Of course, I'm not going to run screaming after him, but I could've waved. ;P
Anyhow, I definitely have to devote a post to this day, to show you "all" my pictures and tell the details. *winks* 

\\ We got cows again! ^___^ It's been awhile. We got two cows (which are both pregnant, I believe) and two older calves.

I named this one Ombra, which means shadow in Italian. *grins*

\\ Just, food...


Finished Fools Rush In by Janice Thompson


\\ Winning the first round of bowling. Hehe. 

\\ Sliding on the hard floor with fuzzy socks

\\ Window open in my room at midnight. Sticking my head out and breathing the cold country air, stars up above. Dreamer air. *winks*

\\Taking to a friend on the phone one cold night, out in the family vehicle... 'cause it's quiet out there. ^___^

\\ *alarm goes off* *shuts it off* After a while: Oh wait, was that my actual alarm?

\\ When your physics course is awesome. I looked ahead and it says to go to an ice cream place. *flips hair 'cause your science isn't that cool* xD

\\ When it gets cold like you were hoping not long ago, and now... um, it's too cold? xP xP

\\ The very hoarse voice because I got a cold, people.


\\ Hopefully get "something" done so it won't stress me out anymore. ;P

\\ Any loveliness that comes!