Wednesday, May 17, 2017

May 2017\\ Currently

Another month is flying by. *gasps for breath* Life is going by too fast, guys! 

Okay, time for the currently post of May. ;)


\\ Strawberries! 

\\ My grandparents came for a little while, so we had a family get-together. A barbeque, ice cream, talking walks down the road, you know. That came with some interesting adventures, but it was fun. *winks*

\\ Pruned bushes... so exciting.

\\ Got up early in the morning to go garage-saling! I found an amazing deal on a nice tri-pod!

\\ Hanging out...

\\ I attempted to curl my hair (why do I even try?) using this method I found once (the link- it's the first pin on there). You put your hair in a ponytail and curl that, but I ended up curling it more after taking the ponytail out. It still wasn't very curly. *glares at my straight hair* It makes it look so easy, but maybe that's because the person doesn't have as thick of hair as me. However, it wasn't all a loss. 

I still got waves. *winks*

\\ On Sunday my family, relatives and some other people started a Bible study. I helped with all the kids. ;) It was fun seeing people.

\\ We haven't done much this month, so far, but there is ONE big thing happening. We bought a house! After living in a rental for almost three years, we are finally going to move into our own place. Pretty exciting, even though I'm sure I'll miss this place. ;)


A Love so True by Melissa Jagears


\\ Today we ate potato salad, baked beans, and hot dogs (no buns) for supper. Isn't that just the perfect summer dinner? *sighs*

\\ And then yesterday (I think) I made some fries for myself, with salt, pepper, and thyme. ;D

\\ Sorry for not ceasing to put pictures of Chick-fil-A. You guys are probably rather annoyed. xP But we went there again, and I got... what I get, and it was so good, once again. *winks*


\\ Summer

\\ Finishing 11th grade

\\ All the good days to come.  The sibling town outings and everything else. ;)

This was probably driving to Chick-fil-A. ;)

\\ Getting my license already. I want to get it like, next month. I can dream, right? ;P


Friday, May 12, 2017

Book Review: The Chapel Car Bride


This book tells the story of a chapel car preacher and his daughter, Hope, who travel to a mining town to minister to the people there. They make new friendships, and face hardships and danger, some involving moonshiners who might shoot first and ask questions later if you stumble upon their illegal operation.

So... this book really wasn't my thing. Most of the book wasn't all that interesting to me. Building a church, fixing up the miner's homes, the scoundrel telling huge lies and doing scoundrel things... Plus the story skipped through time a bit. You don't really get to see Hope and "her guy" first get to know each other. It just tells that it happens. 

I didn't really care for the romance. Some of it felt kind of cheesy to me. I'm kinda picky about how the romance is in books. ;P

The end was probably my favorite part, maybe because what most of the book was about was over with, and we got more of Hope and Luke's relationship? 

So I'm not saying I didn't enjoy any of it. All in all, it just wasn't for me. You might love it, so don't let my review keep you from checking it out! :)

*I received this book from Bethany House publishers in exchange for my honest review

Kind of a cheesy review, but that's that.  All the "maybe's" and "kinda's". ;P This review might be a little late too...
 It's too bad I didn't love the book, because the cover is pretty. :)

Sunday, May 7, 2017

Garage Sale Haul

Yesterday morning found my mom, sister and I up at 5 something in the morning to garage sale with some friends of ours. That was early, but more so by the fact that I'd only gotten five or six hours of sleep. ;P

So maybe I shouldn't exactly call this a haul, as I probably didn't buy as much as last time. Remember? In October me and my mom went garage-saling on the military base, and I got my record player for $10? Yesterday we went to what must be the spring base garage sales. *grins* And yes, I got another good deal. The photographers here may be interested. *winks*  

OK, so the things I found...

This little Eiffel Tower key chain! OBVIOUSLY I had to get it. *winks* It was probably like... 25 or 50 cents. Can't you imagine it hanging from the keys of my future little mazda car or my teal 70's pickup? ;D Okay, okay, just dreams. ;P

Yes, spray paint. ;P Just 25 cents too.

I'm collecting the Mandie series, so I picked this up for 25 cents. It was actually at a church garage sale and not the base one.

Here are the clothes I got! A pretty red tank-top- which I'm happy about, 'cause I want more red shirts. ;) A darker reddish shirt, a skirt (to wear with leggings, don't worry ;P), and some high-waisted skinny jeans! The jeans still had tags on them, and they were $2! I'm excited about those. *winks* My mom actually paid for a dollar of them, which is always nice. ;) She bought some other clothes that I might use too, so yea.

The greatest deal of the day, though, was this totally awesome tri-pod! *photographer squeals* My mom's is broken so I haven't been able to use a tri-pod for awhile. And this one was $5

Just look at it! It looks like such a nice one. *grins*

The top can extend up so high, which is really nice!

And it has little leveler things on it. ;D

And I think the feet are pretty gripping.

So yea, that's an exciting buy! Camera gear! I tried it out today to photograph my church outfit. I love it! Now I don't have to have my little sister come take the pictures for me. ;)

It was a really fun time. I always love spending money, especially if the things are cheap! 

Me and my sister went to a friend's house today, and just hung out there for quite a while. Just talking. It was pretty fun! I love having people to hang out with. :)

I'm excited for summer, with all the hanging out and fun things to come!! Yesterday was pretty cold, but today was nice. 

There was a pretty clear sunset last yesterday though. :)

And I pruned our bushes the other day. I just went outside and saw the bush, and decided I wanted to prune. It must be my artistic nature, but I've done it before and it's actually kinda fun. ;D The first, nearest bush turned out nice. The farther one was harder because it was much taller... and just more difficult. ;P My little sister went and finished it for me- clipped the far-back branches that were sticking up. ;P Some of the others might've slightly helped me too. A little bit. 

Anyhow, hope you enjoyed this post! Compared with how I usually am, I've kinda been neglecting this blog. Maybe it's good I'm laying back a bit. ;)


Monday, May 1, 2017

April 2017

   April was quite certainly the best month of 2017 so far. So many things happened, and most pretty exciting and hopeful. *grins* What a month.


\\ The earliest date I could take my driving test has passed. I do not have enough hours yet. *sighs* However, I do continue to work at it! There's so much to do and practice! Ahhhh! 

\\ "Hit the town" with my siblings (ages 12 to 20) a couple of times... just having fun going out to eat and going to stores. ;)
The picture above is from the latest- we went to Chick-fil-A. *cheers* And I got the usual spicy chicken sandwich, and tried a frosted lemonade. =D Don't mind my messy hair in that picture. ;P

\\ Went to Florida! Of course, my last post gave you many details... sorry. ;P It was an awesome vacation!

\\ I got a tan, guys. From the above. ^^  *winks*

\\ Finished watching When Calls the Heart season 4. There were at least a couple great episodes in there, but the last one was... well, a bit lame. Like, SERIOUSLY, make Jack and Elizabeth get married!!! Season 5, come soon!

 This was my outfit. :) I look kind of weird in this 
picture, but whatever. ;P And I didn't realize how 
fast my curls fell out...
\\ Then last Friday, me and my sister went to our homeschool group's first high school banquet!! It is an event to take the place of prom, and it was really fun! I got to dress up in a semi-formal dress with heels and pearls. :D And so we went and had dinner with all the other dressed-up high-schoolers. It was a fun new experience. :)
After that we went to a church and changed into casual clothes for a scavenger hunt! It was dark by then. My sister, cousin, and I ended up the only ones on our team. ;P We had an adult driving us around, and there were all these things we could chose from to do, each giving us a certain amount of points. We did a lot of crazy thing! Hanging upside down from monkey bars, bagging someone's groceries, washing the windshield of someone's car- and we had to get a picture of each. We even got a picture with a policeman (after walking up to the back door of the police station and getting their attention through the window. xP I know.), and a fire truck. It was so fun though! =D Sometimes I like to be crazy.
We didn't win, but I think we were close. *winks* 
Back at the church we played some games. The last was volleyball. That was so much fun! I found that I do really like it! =D 

We stayed until midnight. Like, I've been waiting my whole life for this. Maybe that's exaggerated, lol. ;P Fun memories made.

\\ The day after that full night, me and my sister went to a little party- a secret sister's reveal party. That was nice enough. Then we went home with one of the girls- to thus hang out for a while. :)

\\ And on the last day of the month, Sunday, we went to my aunt and uncles for a cookout, and stayed there all day. My grandparents were here and leaving the next day. I had a very nice time hanging out with all the cousins. *winks* Having a few... adventures. ;P 


I uh... *smiles sheepishly* did not finish any books this month. 
*all the bookworms raise their eyebrows in shock*
Yes, it's bad. BUT! I have an excuse. I went to Florida for ten days, and did not bring my current book, A Time to Die by Nadine Brandes. SO, I started one of the books my sister brought: All in Good Time by Maureen Lang. But then we came home and a review book had come for me, so I had to start that, and have not finished it yet. It is The Chapel Car Bride by Judith Miller. 
I've been more busy, thus reading less. Sorry (like you care ;P).


So... you pretty much fail at everything when you're busy-er? Because I like, only gave you guys, ahem, three post this month? Yea. Poor neglected blog. ;P

Anyhow, I will link those three little April posts. ;)


\\ When you keep cracking up over a picture you took, when someone is making the most hilarious face. *dies laughing* ;P It's so funny.

\\ When you hit your first possum while driving. ;P

\\ When you've been eating way too much sugar, but it's there so... just keep eating it. Like, two doughnuts? Whatever. ;P


\\ Time spent with relatives! SO awesome!

\\ Beaches and Florida-ness. ;)

\\ Finally feeling like I might be  getting a social life. Maybe I'm starting to break out of my shell. ;) Such a great feeling.

\\ Chocolate *grins* I got a giant Hershey chocolate bar, so that's been disappearing...

So really, just a very blessed month! <3

(I may add some pictures of the banquet and things, but it's too late right now)


Tuesday, April 25, 2017

My Trip to Florida

I've been home from the beach for three days, and I've finally finished the post on it!
 Me and two sisters flew to Florida and stayed there for ten days with our aunt and uncle and cousins. It was a WONDERFUL vacation, and I'm so glad we got to go! But hold in there, this is going to be a long post. I imported almost 940 pictures onto my computer from the trip. *ahem, yep*

We left the 12th, and came back late the 22nd. Well, it may have already been the first hours of "morning" the 23rd. But we don't need to be that technical. ;P

So we said goodbye to our family and the adventure on our own began. ;) We went through security, and found our gate. Then waited to board the plane. 

When the plane sped up and started taking off... this thrill or something went through me. It felt so exciting. =D

   My lovely plane food. *winks*

We got there at last, and after getting our luggage we went outside to wait for our aunt and uncle to pick us up. They came, and we went to the condo we stayed at all the ten days. :)

This is the room all of us girls slept in. We had three twin-size beds squished in while the queen bed. ;) Mine's there in front of the dresser.

Ah, the familiar entry... 

Ahem, so the first day, we got up, ate breakfast, and went outside to play shuffle board.

Which... I must say, I was pretty bad at. ;P I scored a lot of negative tens. But I DID make my cousin on the other team get negative ten, so that was probably the best thing I did. Hehe.

Front of some of the condos near ours

We also played some games inside. Our two "signature" games of this vacation were Dutch blitz and kings and queens. :D My favorite was Dutch blitz- we need to get it. 

Nothing says summer better than this, right? *winks*

The best part of my first day there was going to the beach. :D I swam in the ocean for the first time in a very long time. By swam I mean going out into the waves like, waist deep at least. Then I tried boogie boarding, which I was kinda clutzy at, at least in the beginning. Let me tell you one thing about the ocean: it beats on you! Especially when you don't hold the boogie board sideways and the waves slam against it. If you can imagine. ;P
I think I got a few decent runs on it though. :) And it was fun. Saltwater got in my eyes, and "in my lungs", and I got dunked, but I'm glad I did it. :) 
 After that I went and looked for shells. It was a fun day.

After breakfast, I went on the back patio and wrote in my diary. I wrote about the tropical plants and palm trees, and a little lizard I saw on the fence. *winks* 

We went on a walk around a nearby lake at some point, looking at all the cool trees and plants and creatures. :) The one thing I didn't enjoy was how hot it was. I just don't like getting all sticky with sweat, and then it takes forever to cool off and feel normal again. ;P I know, I like warm summers, I like the tropical feel, and getting tan... but that part isn't very fun, lol. 

ALL the awesome palm trees. :D shorts look uneven ;P

There was even cactus!

Pretty, swampy lake :)

There's an iguana!

And a squirrel ;)

See, there's very interesting trees here.

 After shopping a little, we went to the beach again. I took more pictures this time, because I was just looking for shells... and well, taking pictures. ;) We didn't stay too long, because there was a Good Friday service.

Of course you have to take pictures of your painted toenails if you go to the beach. ;P

LOTS of shells. We did a lot of shell-hunting.

When we got back from the beach we got ready and went to the Good Friday service. I don't think we'd planned to stay for the refreshments\fellowship part, but we did. And I got some delicious layered chocolate cake. Nothing better than chocolate, folks. ;P 
I really enjoyed that, just sitting and eating refreshments with my cousins and sisters, with people all around. My church doesn't do that very often at all and it's so big we hardly know anyone. I was actually related to some people at this church. ;)


I woke up with a sore throat. Some of us went out to breakfast, and then took a little morning walk on the beach. :) That was nice.
I can't really remember what else we did that day. I didn't write about the rest of it in my diary. *frowns at myself* Maybe that's because I got sick. My sore throat didn't go away that day, and sore throats usually begin my colds. :P

My Easter outfit- and just don't mind my face. I DID have a cold, if that's to blame. ;P


Easter Sunday! I wasn't sure if I was going to feel up to going to church, but I got up that morning. And I did feel well enough. My sore throat mostly went away, but then my nose ran like crazy, and I was tired. But I made it through church fine, and brought a plate of ham, potatoes and other good things "home" from church. Well, I actually ate most of it on the way. Like you care.

Then, since Trump was in town and leaving soon, (cool, I know), we went and saw his plane. :D That was pretty interesting. 

We drove by his estate, Mar-a-Lago, and there were police and security all over. We even saw secret service vehicles. ;D 

I took this one a different day, but thought I'd include it with these other pictures. 

This was in front of it. See the big gun?

Then we came back to the condo, and I'm guessing I probably read and rested for most of the rest of the day. I think the thing that effected me most with that cold was just being tired. The sick tired. ;P 


My cold probably improved some, and I went swimming in the pool, and we walked by the lake again. The picture above is a turtle... obviously, I guess. ;)

Another interesting tree

We went to the beach yet again. It was a little cold at first. Most everyone else had a great time boogie boarding. I should have worn my swimsuit so I could've joined. *shakes head* Oh well.

I felt this peace, or fulfillment or something when I got my camera and started taking pictures. Guys, this is what I was meant to do. ;P

This bird had a piece of bread, and I happened to catch it dropping in mid-air. ;)

We had a really good supper of soup and cornbread that night. Then we played Kings and Queens and watched my sister and cousin arm wrestle. ;)


On this day, we packed a lunch and went to Florida's Everglades. If you don't know, they're a huge swampy area with alligators, pythons, and all kinds of birds. The pictures above is the first alligator we saw there.

We went on an air-boat ride, and while I still had a cold and everything, the ride was really nice, and the breeze felt good. :) And when you go over something with those boats, you expect to clunk or something, but it's really smooth. 

Yea, that was fun. We ate lunch outside after that, and then headed back to the condo.

And saw an iguana in the ditch on the way.

That same day we went to a new beach, one with a pier. Isn't it beautiful?

Me and my sister decided to take pictures of each other. And there my day became awesome. It was such fun taking my sisters pictures, and the beach setting and lighting were spectacular... just the thing to make a zougy-feeling day turn lovely. :D

These are a few pictures my sister took of me. :)

And then we looked for shells once again! :) We looked for them IN the water. And those annoying waves had to come and get my shorts wet. You seriously have to be very alert and paying attention, otherwise you'll definitely get wet. ;P

A teeny little crab :)


We went to the beach for a little while again, but it wasn't the nicest day for it. We also went out to eat for lunch.

Then we walked the streets of an interesting town. That's always fun. =D

We got ice cream too. Technically, I think it was frozen custard. Same thing, basically.

That night I rode scooters in the dark with my cousin and sister. ;) Just around the condo parking lot.


We got up the morning of the 8th day, packed a lunch, and went to a Safari. :) A little like a zoo, you know, but you drive through with the animals. We even had an ostrich pecking our window. ;P

This one looks so sad... I don't know what it is.

After driving through all the animals, we walked through the other parts. We looked at other animals in cages and walked through a little maze. We even rode a merry-go-round! ;D And we went on paddle boats. That was pretty fun. 

There were some huge giraffes, which we fed lettuce. I can say that I got licked by a giraffe now. :D

Fed some little birds too.
We all went down this big slide with gunny sacks. My stomach actually "flew away"- like, it felt like in the dreams I have where I'm flying through the air. I was probably cringing as I went down. ;P I'm a wimp or something!

  Before we left we went drove through the safari once more.

This rhino was coming toward us! We quickly drove forward- nobody wants to risk having a rhino tip their car over. ;P

That was a really fun event!


The beach once again. The water was really vibrant that day. More shells, more waves splashing my shorts. ;P

 Back at the condo we went and visited with our great grandma for a little bit and then said goodbye to her because she was leaving. And my great aunt and her daughter too. It was really nice seeing them. :)

We played games and watched a movie while my aunt and uncle took them to the airport.

Later I went to the lake and took my two boy cousin's pictures. :) I hope I got some good ones... it's always harder for me to take pictures of people who aren't my siblings. ;P

That night I was playing a game on my sister's kindle in our great grandma's condo while she waited to check into the airport- we were leaving the next night. Then we joined the others in taking saunas and swimming! That was like, the highlight of the day! Night swimming is fun. =D 


On our last day, we got up early to go and watch the sunrise. It wasn't the greatest when it first rose (too many clouds), but it got prettier later. :)

                It's interesting how it got whiter after awhile. :)

We went out to breakfast after. And saw a Lamborghini there! I think those cars aren't very common to see, so that's cool. :D We might've saw a Ferrari the same day. I should've had my camera.

I got a tan! :D I call it a tan, anyhow. 

Later we walked in a "rich" shopping area. There was a sheet on sale for like, $700 something dollars! That's ridiculous. There was a lot of well-dressed people around, probably disgusted with my shorts and flip-flops. ;P LOL

 A little while before we left for the airport, we went out to ice cream. Three of us got some. Mine was peanut butter cup- so good!

Then we had to leave. Had to say goodbye. And we were once again on our own in the airport. Then flying. I was SO tired. When we got close to landing, we circled for awhile, probably because  of the storms there had been. I probably drifted on and off even circling. It got a little creepy right before we landed, but we DID land safely. We didn't die. ;P

And so, we are home. 

I had such a fun time with family there. Laughing with my great grandma, laughing at my "little" sister and cousins recording fake radio interviews, swimming, getting pestered (lol), playing fun games, eating sorbets and popsicles... I made lots of great memories.

It was amazing, and I'd love to go again next year!!