Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Let Me Explain Myself \\ Q&A Video

Hey everyone! This is my fourth and final Let Me Explain Myself post. This one and the last one are a little more like "get to know me" posts... rather than posts explaining the possibly confusing things I do and such. :P

Anyhow, the title of this post is pretty self-explanatory: I'm doing a video! This is a new thing for this blog, since I've only ever posted a couple baking videos. But I am doing a Q&A today, where I will be answering questions on camera. I'm using the questions Daminika gave me in the comments of this post. *smiles*

I've done videos with my sister before, but for some reason I cannot act very normal in those... I don't like myself that much in those videos. xP In THIS video, I went out into our old horse pen, in the trees... where I was all alone. That worked out well. I think I acted semi-normal. *sticks out tongue*

So I hope you enjoy this video! I think it turned out pretty well. xD

Oh, and let me explain something contradictory I said... I said I went in the woods "because it was quiet", and then said it was probably kind of loud with the birds. *rolls eyes* What I meant was I went out there because there wasn't people out there. So yes. xP


Saturday, May 19, 2018

Tropical Strawberry Yogurt Smoothie

Happy Saturday! Are you burning up from pre-summer heat yet? Well if you are, you're in luck, because I have a five-ingredient smoothie recipe for y'all today. 

I made a smoothie yesterday for me and some of my family members, and decided I might as well take pictures and do a post. I need to get back into recipe posting. :P

Tropical Strawberry Yogurt Smoothie


About 1 1\2 cups frozen strawberries

About 2 1\2 cups fresh pineapple

Half of a frozen banana

1 cup plain yogurt

1 cup of water *


Throw everything into your blender and blend until smooth.

Serves: about 7 small glasses- less for large glasses
* If you like your smoothies thicker, I would suggest doing less water.

Saturday, May 12, 2018

Thrift Shop & Garage Sale Buys + Summer Outfit

Happy Saturday to everyone! What did you do today? Go to garage sales? Clean the house? Sip lemonade one your front porch while reading a good book?

I got up a little before six this morning. *gives this night owl a thumbs up* Because we did a garage sale with a couple of our aunts at one of their houses. So that was fun! I made a little money... also bought a couple things at the other garage sales in the neighborhood. *winks* Oh, I bought some bakery from my younger cousins as well. So yeah. It was a fun day, as well as very hot! It didn't really seem humid though, so that makes it w.a.y. better.

LAST Saturday was also nice. My siblings and I went thrift shopping and such, so it was obviously fun. ;P 

That's what this post is about! My lovely deals, if you care about them. xD Oh, and a summer outfit. 'Cause summer is almost here.


This is the outfit I wore last Sunday, using two of my Goodwill buys: the shirt and skirt. This skirt is just cuteness. <3 And at this particular Goodwill store, your get everything half off on the first Saturday of the month. 

I also got this elegant black skirt from Goodwill. I wish the "underskirt" was longer though. TELL ME WHY EVERYTHING HAS TO BE SO SHORT THESE DAYS!

So we decided to go to a Salvation Army thrift store... and GUYS, you may not expect it to be a great store, but it was. *winks* The shirts were $2! Just look at my awesome "workout" shirt. xD

EEEEEEKKK! THISS. SHIRT. My sister found it, and I love. <3

I also found books! I'm pretty sure they were fifty cents each. I forgot about one of the books I bought {Boy Meets Girl by Joshua Harris} so no pic for that one.

And I found How to Train Your Dragon 2 at Goodwill, so... I bought it of course. Payed a dollar. *all the thrift store love*

At the garage sales today, I found sandals for a dollar!

And this pretty seahorse necklace, also a dollar. ^___^

So those are my recent thrifty buys, guys! *grins* I hope you enjoyed this!


p.s. Though I have just a little more school to finish up, I am officially graduated, as of last night!! Eeek

Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Let Me Explain Myself \\ My Quirks + Fun Facts

Hey guys, I finally got another post to my little series done. It's nothing brilliant, just a list of random random things about me. :) So... Enjoy. I should be doing school rn instead of this. I'm graduating this weekend. Much. To. Do.

Anyway... Quirks and random facts.

\\ People often think my 15-year-old sister and I are twins \\

\\ I don't like static electricity. DON'T TOUCH THE METAL ON TRAMPOLINES. xP \\

\\ I have about 10 striped shirts {unless I decided to get rid of one of these recently... don't remember} \\

\\ I have green eyes (with a blue outline) \\

\\ My sister and I used to purposely step in the cow manure in our pasture. *cough* We were kinda weird? *laughs* \\

\\ I have over 15 pairs of shoes\boots \\

\\ Make believe and dolls (Barbies, polly-pockets etc.) were my favorite when I was younger. \\

\\ Me and my siblings made a whole movie once. It was awesome! *grins* \\

\\ I've touched real live bears before. They were tranquilized. *winks* \\

\\ As a kid, one thing we loved to do with cousins and such was jump on the big round bales when we were at a farmer's house. \\

\\ I'm a relatively slow texter. It's called thinking and considering too much. :P \\

\\ My sister and I share a room, and I hog at least 2\3 of the closet *cough* \\

\\ I'm a hoarder. I was proud of how much clothes I decided to get rid of the other day. haha.\\

\\ I have several "collections". Beads, rocks, shells, seeds...  \\

\\ I'm scared of bugs... Particularly flying things. eeeek. \\

\\ If there are two types of people when it comes to money- spender or saver- I'm definitely the spender. I... like stuff too much. xP \\


Tuesday, May 1, 2018

April 2018

April is gone, and May 2018 has begun! May... where school ends, where I graduate. Wow.

So how was your month? Mine was pretty good... I have a whole huge photo dump to show for it. *winks* A whole huge photo dump of mostly bad phone pictures, so bear with me. xP

Let's go!


My Easter outfit. *smiles* I realized that there was a hole in the neckline hem- probably when we arrived at church or something. ;P


Out on the trampoline in the evening

Me and the sister. *winks* This was one of those fun town run with my mom and siblings. 

Check out these great earrings! xP

We tried out this cute retro place!

I got ice cream <333

At Goodwill again. I didn't buy this shirt, but it is cute. I probably should've bought it... 

The creek

Getting ready for senior pictures!

Mine and my mom's lunch after pictures. ^___^

This was a day it got into the 80's. I was on the trampoline in shorts. *winks*

I took this picture of the baby calf and mamma through a hole in our shed. They were in the shelter out back. :)

A couple of my friends and I got milkshakes one Friday, and then watched I Can Only Imagine at the theater! {I got a banana split milkshake <33}

My sister and I tried our hand at making soap! My mom has made soap many times, but we'd never tried. :)

Making chocolate cherry pudding cake


Disc golf with friends and siblings ^___^

It was pretty in the park!

Our other cow had her calf. Her name is Cupcake. <333

My sister and I cleaned at my aunt and uncle's. We went two different days. Those windows take sooooo longggg. *sigh*

Food break

I "stole" my sister's earbuds for a little bit. xD

Pop tarts!

Off to finish cleaning.

Sitting out on the window sill... ;)


Peanut butter cookies <3

The kids had fun flying kites!

Making a Mexican supper

Friday- day of our annual high school banquet.

My outfit was a formal dress we'd had for dress-up for a long time, with a pretty black skirt over it. We took the sheer "tying things" off the dress and my mom sewed them onto the skirt. I think my makeshift dress turned out nice. ;)

My sister curled my hair {I think it actually stayed curled ok for quite awhile! yay!}, and I wore her pretty silver heels. Here's my other sister and I {had to crop her out ;P} right before we left.

We got pictures, had dinner and dessert, and got "most likely to" awards and gift bags. It was a nice last banquet for me. :)

Leaving for the after-party. A full moon! And guess what the theme was? MOONLIGHT MASQUERADE. *winks* But no, I didn't wear a mask.

We did a scavenger hunt around town, just like last year. My group was me, my sister, my cousin, and a friend. We had fun. *smiles*

Ice cream after the scavenger hunt. <3 SPRINKLES!

 We played some games and such before going home around midnight. If you want to read about last year's banquet, see my April 2017 post.

My cousin stayed the night at our house that night, so the next day we {my brother and sister, the cousin, and I} went to Burger King for lunch, and then disc golfing after.


And we ended up going disc golfing on Sunday too! I invited a couple friends and picked up two of my cousins, and we had a great afternoon! Between games we went and bought drinks at Walmart.


Sisters shoe pic :P

My friends left, and the rest of us hung out at the skate park and then went to my aunt and uncle's house, where we spent the rest of our evening. It was a good day. =D


\\ So I accidentally called someone, and freaked out trying to shut my phone off and stuff... to no avail. xP I should've been calm and looked at my phone, saw the end button, and pushed it. Saved myself an awkward moment. LOL.

\\ Getting gas all alone for the first time. *puts on the cool sunglasses* Oh wait, that's not that cool? ok. i'm just inexperienced. xP

\\ Sister and little brother belting out "Hello". xD xP 

\\ Cleaning at my aunt and uncle's, and we realize there's a camera set up on the porch. Oh... wonder what awkward poses that caught me doing? *laughs*

\\ Thoroughly cleaning windows = creepy creatures. I could handle the spiders best, my sister could handle the bugs best. I guess it was good that way, haha.

\\ Watching the last episode of When Calls the Heart season 5. 

Have I ever cried so much in a movie? I think not. It was bad. xP You'll understand if you've watched it {or maybe seen spoilers}.