Saturday, January 3, 2015

Live Like There's No Tomorrow

    Have you ever wondered if something might happen to someone you really care about?

  Once when I was struggling with this, something from the movie Courageous came to mind. If you've watched it you know his little girl dies in a tragic accident and then he regrets how he didn't dance with her once when she wanted him to. Then, even though he lost his chance to do it with his daughter, he did his part of the dance where anyone could see him. 
  Well, I know that movie was for dads and all, but this particular part can easily pertain to anyone. I'll take my siblings for example. What if something were to happen to one of them? Would I have any regrets, like, why did I talk so harshly to them all the time? Why didn't I spend more time with them? That would be awful. That is why we have to do the dance, as in, for me, being the sister I'm supposed to be.  

   I know nobody should worry and stress about what might happen to someone they care about. God clearly says, "Do not worry", in the Bible, (Matthew 6:25). But this is earth, and I don't ever want to end up with regrets.

                      Just love, and you won't regret how you treated people in your life.


  1. Oh yes! That moment in the movie went all the way to the heart of our pride and self-focus hindering our "loving others"! I cry every time! Love your pictures, especially the light in the hand:) You are blessed.. Marla

  2. Thanks Marla! I like to see what people think of my posts... it's encouraging!