Friday, August 14, 2015

Photo Gallery: Girl andYellow Flowers

My latest photo shoot... which I'm pretty happy with. (: Having lots of props definitely makes things go better- and easier. A lot of the time, its hard for me to think of a good post name, so Girl and Yellow Flowers will have to do. ;)





   So, there they are. (: My next post will be another photo shoot, that I took before this one. Yea, you may have noticed I've been doing lots of posts... I probably haven't gone more than a week (if even), without posting. :) I usually have something, so...
Anyhow, farewell! :)


  1. These are BEAUTIFUL!!! What a gorgeous little sister I have!! ^_^ And a great photographer sister!! :) :) Miss you guys! <3

  2. Yes, she is... Lucky girl. :) Thanks ;) Hope to see you guys soon!

  3. Really nice pictures, Natasha! She looks so cute!
    love you and miss you all!
    ...G-MA Matson