Sunday, September 25, 2016

Photo Gallery: Last Days of Summer, Stars, Bubbles, and Spiders

  Yes, that's a big title. But I needed to sum this post of random recent pictures of somehow. :) I think these pictures are organized according to the day\night I took them. 

   How has fall been coming in for you guys? It's been pure summer here still. :P Today I went and played with my two youngest siblings on the trampoline... and brought a squirt bottle of water out to keep us cool. It was SO hot. BUT... tomorrow it's supposed to cool down, finally! :D

  Well, you can look at all my pictures now. Probably basically all the photography I've done since getting home. (not every picture, but, you know. ;) )

Little toes... :)

 FLYING! 8D In other words, jumping on the trampoline, and I just crop it so you can't see that. :P It'd look much better without those telephone wires, but OH WELL. 

Sometimes I really like black and white. :)

  Spicy... have you ever had a cat still living at eight\nine years? She's such a good "kitty". ;)


   I've wanted to try taking star photography for awhile. (I had tried it before, and it didn't work, but I know more stuff now. ;D) So at last one night I went out in the dark with a tripod, and started trying to get good star pictures with a high shutter speed. 

    And I got a few fairly good ones. :D Yay! You have to sit very still while waiting for the camera to finish it's picture. Probably why the clouds streaked like that in the pic above- don't know if they were actually like that. ;)

   Isn't it just great when you make a new photography accomplishment?! =D

Here's a pretty sunset...

  ... and a scary big spider! It had a big web on our porch. I probably got a little closer photographing it than I'd usually get to a big spider. :P (I cropped this picture, so it looks closer than in the original pic)

  One of the cool old toy tractors my little siblings brought out of the woods. :)

I sharpened this picture on picmonkey- the bokeh is extra lovely! :)

   The other day my little sister wanted to take pictures with an old camera... the one I started my photography love with. :) It's charger had been lost for a long time, but then they found it... and the camera still works! I think it got left outside once! The thing is a little survivor! :D 
Here's our dog Daisy. She's around the same age as our cat- they're both survivors. :) 

  So these last ten picture on this post are from the day my and my little sister went out to take pictures. :)

There's that old surviving camera. :) I took a picture of her...
....while she took a picture of me. ;)

All the lovely bokeh! :)

We went into the corn field, too. It's now harvested...

 And I found this treasure! :) Nice spider webs like this are a good photography opportunity, if you ask me. 

Daisy getting a bell-rub. ;) Lucky dog.

  I hope you enjoyed those pictures! :) I hope to do a September Highlights post, and show you all the stuff I've bought this month. :P And other things. Me and my siblings have been doing our home school co-op, where we have three classes at some church every Friday. I have an essay class (fun, right? ;) ), a trivia class, and an art class. The art one is more advanced (for me, anyhow) so I can get better at drawing and all! :D

  I also want to finish getting all the posts about my summer vacations done sometime. Hopefully before mid-October! 



  1. Lovely pictures, as always! :)
    That sunset one is beautiful! And the tractor ones are intriguing... I wonder what the tractor's history is!

    1. Thank you! :)
      Yea, I thought it was cool- old looking. ;) My siblings have found all kinds of things in the woods!

  2. Pretty pictures, Natasha! I think these have been some of my favorites yet. :D I love the blurry one at the end, as well as the one of the rope. And the spider's silhouette. And that sunset. ;)

    Ooh, star photography! My dad loves doing that. If you leave your tripod outside for a long time on like a 40-minute shutterspeed, you get a REALLY cool photo that looks amazingly professional. :P

    1. Thank you, I'm glad you like them! =D =D

      Star photography is pretty cool. :) Woah, maybe I should try that sometime! 8D That would be awesome!

  3. Hello Natasha!
    Your photography is LOVELY! :D It is so pretty, you have a great eye and beautiful shots. ♥
    I love your nighttime shots. :) The sunset is breathtaking: Yahweh's works of art truly are amazing!!
    Looks like y'all have been having lots of fun. My nieces are the best lil' models. ;D Kids are awesome. Daisy looks like our Jack Russel Terrier, Hopie. :) We miss her bunches, she was an ancient old dog. ♥
    YHVH bless!
    -Angela |

    1. Hi Angela! :)

      Aw, thank you! I'm glad you like my pictures.
      Thanks. :D Yes, God is sure a master artist! :) Amazing.
      Yep. :) I sure do like snapping pictures of my siblings... THEY don't always like it so much, though. :P
      I can understand why she'd look like your dog- Daisy's half Jack Russel Terrier, half Beagle. ;) Aw, we're going to be sad when our pets are gone.
      Thanks for commenting! :)

  4. Favorite picture hmmm.... My youngest says the sunset is favorite and I am leaning toward the night ones too. Good job:) Even though I dislike spiders, I rather like the nighttime picture of one. It gives a quiet, peaceful feel..even if she may be waiting for her dinner;) Hugs, Marla

    1. I'm glad you like those pictures. :D Thank you! Yea, I like to photograph them, even though I don't like them. ;)

  5. GIRL!! These pictures!! ♥
    Okay, if I had to pick a favorite...I would have to say the bokeh collage. SO. MUCH. PRETTINESS.
    Wonderful post!!

    1. :D I'm glad you like it! Bokeh is lots of fun! :)
      Thank you! :)

  6. Way too many beautiful pictures to pick a favorite! ;P I really like the one of the toy tractor. <3 And the stars!
    Last night, I seen something amazing in the sky. I'm not sure what it was, but it WASN'T a falling star. Maybe it was a meteor? I was even bigger than anything I saw during a meteor shower! I tried to tell LaKaysha to look, but she said I'm dramatic about EVERYTHING so how was she to know it was something that cool? ;P And it lasted FOREVER! And it didn't fade - just went behind the mountain. I'll probably never know for sure what it was. :)
    Fall WAS here, then summer decided to come back, sadly. But it supposed to be cooling down again. =D
    Loved this post!

    1. Aw, thanks! :) The tractor looks vintage, doesn't it? :D
      That sounds really cool! Too bad you don't know what it was.
      It was pretty cool today (a HUGE differece from yesterday. :P)... it'll probably get hot again at some point, I'm guessing. :P
      I'm happy you did! ;D

    2. Yea, my dad tried to look up what it would be, but couldn't find anything. It was SO beautiful!! Like a blue-green ball of fire falling from the sky,ever so slowly. =D

  7. My favorite is actually the one with the spider floating in the sky - despite the fact that I hate spiders, I love the picture! It's SO cool *nods*.

    ~ Savannah

    1. Thank you! :) Maybe that picture will make you like spiders then...or not. :P