Sunday, February 22, 2015

Random Things About Me

  Hi, everyone. I couldn't think of any brilliant things to post about, so I decided to do one on me... well, things I hope for, dream of; things that interest me, or whatever... you know. Just a bunch of randomness. :)

                                             I would love to go to Italy someday!

      Another place I'd like to go is Israel, because it would be awesome to walk where Jesus once walked. Imagine walking where God himself had been! crazy!

I think old camera's are quite interesting... it would be really fun to have one!

Owning a horse is a little fantasy wish of mine... I don't think I'd be very good at taking care of one!

I occasionally enjoy making food, especially when I create my own recipes. :)

I envy those who do ballet and the like. (:
Wish I could do that! :P

Someday I'd like to find my shining knight (;

another someday- I'd like to be a professional photographer

okay, don't really need to put a picture for this one: tsunamis creep me out. Hardly look at a picture of one without shuddering!
I like to sew

This would be my car... maybe. (:

Well anyway, thanks for enduring my randomness. Hope it wasn't too boring. :) I hope to get some more interesting posts in the near future. :)

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