Monday, November 2, 2015

Latest "Gallery" and Action Photography Practice

  Hi, I'm back with another post! :) Welcome to November. This month has one of my favorite holidays- Thanksgiving!  
 Yea. The fall season goes on. The leaves fell so fast! I still haven't done my first real, real photo session. Hopefully there will still be some pretty trees when I do it.
Of course, we have the latest Photo Gallery of random pretty recent pictures:
This one is older, which is why there are so many golden leaves left on the tree. ;)

   I think these top ones are a good definition of fall. A puddle on the brick steps and some autumn leaves scattered about... :)

      This is quite a beautiful sunset. I zoomed way in, so the color is probably more enhanced than it would look seeing it in person, from farther back.
  But isn't God a magnificent sky-painter? :) This one's like a fire sunset.

           These ones are with the silhouette of a new house being built along our little lane.

 And now here are the action photos! :) I was excited to kind of learn how to get better action pictures. My brother showed me how to adjust the shutter speed, (though I'm still kind of confused over some of it), and I think its helping with clearer action shots! :) Which is what fast shutter speed dose, of course. 
So here are a couple pictures. :)


Well, I hope you enjoyed this latest post. :)

If anyone has tips on action pictures, please comment! :)


  1. Love your pics!! What a beautiful sunset...God makes such wonderful creations for us to enjoy:) ~Moriah

  2. Thanks! Yes, He certainly did. :)