Thursday, November 12, 2015

Photo Gallery: Bluebirds, Beetles, and Airplanes

  Hello, I am finally back on here. :)  

 I did the photo session I mentioned at the end of this post, last Saturday. So kind of my first real "business" photo session was family pictures. That's probably not where most new photographers start... but it went quite well, and I'm pleased. :)) 
(I'm not putting any of these pictures on here unless I get permission, by the way.) 

So here we have yesterday and another day's photos. :)  

Bluebirds. <3 I love cute birds. 

Yesterday I saw this airplane, and got a picture at the perfect time when these birds flew through. :) I think it's really cool... especially because of the style of this plane. 

                      View from far above the treetops. :)

I got to photograph this assassin beetle, which some of my younger siblings think are pretty cool. :D I think one of them actually caught this one.


  1. Cool pics! What is that really tall building? I love the bird and plane combination. ~Moriah

  2. Thanks! :) The building is a monument. Yea, I was happy to get that picture. :)