Thursday, February 18, 2016

Awesome Finds at Goodwill and Some of My Art...

I got these things from Goodwill awhile ago... (totally awesome Goodwill! :D) Anyhow, here they are.

                                A CANDLE SNUFFER
This thing is really cool! It looks old, and it might be. It's kind of fun to put out candles with it! :)


   This book is called Myths Every Child Should Know. Myths... well, that might be kinds of strange. I don't know. But the thing that makes this book awesome is that it was published, (or at least copyrighted), in 1905!! That's like when cars were barely invented! :) And it was probably about two dollars. So yea, really cool.

   Then I got this lovely stone-feeling bowl. For only 70-something cents, I think. Doesn't it look wonderful with soup in it? :D There were other cool dishes, but I couldn't buy them all... 
   I need to go to Goodwill again!!

  And now here are some of my drawings and paintings that haven't appeared on this blog before...

   Anyone recognize the wondrous mountie Jack Thorton? From When Calls the Heart??! He's wonderful. <3 I just drew it one night, from the movie cover. It was at the bottom of my sisters bookshelf, and I was sleeping on the floor by it. :)

Colonial couple :)
  Maybe the man just got home from fighting in the Revolutionary War...

  This is quite possibly the best hand I've ever drawn. :) They're hard without a model, but I had a model in this one.

        I just painted this last night. It's a silhouette... maybe I'll think up a name for it sometime. :)

    The sun has just retreated into the oceans depths, and all that's left in the sky is a splash of brilliant colors, which reflect on the water as a few birds take an evening flight...

That pretty much sums it up, right? ;)

   I like this one. Not only does it look like the girl is on the edge of a pine forest, but it's a fantasy sort of painting, with a sword, and dragons silhouetted against an aurora that paints the dark night sky. :)

   I painted this awhile ago. The tree branch could use help, but I like my nice little bird nest. :) I think I might have made it to be a hummingbird nest. :)

   On a random note, here's something I've started doing.

  I have these different colored index cards, and I write down verses on them. If they'd help if you're feeling fearful, I write "fear" on it. Or love, I write "love" on it. :) So yea... You can pull them out and find one that applies to your situation without having to flip through the Bible. :)

 I just did a photo shoot today. A person one, to clarify, which I haven't done in awhile. And its totally wonderful! I'll have to post it soon, so keep an eye out for it. :)    (psst! Little Red Riding Hood :) )

 I've been posting like crazy these past few days, so here are the links to recent posts:


  1. Oh, I recognized Mountie Jack right away! I LOVE when Calls The Heart!! :D
    Your drawings and paintings are all really good! I think my favorite is either the ocean or the hummingbird eggs. :)

  2. Isn't that show wonderful? :) I think the third season is starting tomorrow!XD

    Thank you! I'm glad you like my art. :)