Saturday, February 13, 2016

Photo Gallery: Soft Light of Evening

  Hey everyone... I really haven't posted in awhile. But maybe that'll make up for the over-posting I've done. :D Anyhow, so here is another Photo Gallery. These pictures kind of show the soft evening light, thus the title. ;)

 Cute little Spicy. We've had this cat since I was... 7 or something. She's not the dumb sort of cat that gets hit by a car two days after you get it. Or that hates people. 

 She's a really good cat :) I could go on, but do you really want to hear all about my cat? 
Anyhow, this picture (first one) really seems to demonstrate soft light. :)

            This picture might look good with the word, Peace, scrawled across it. :)


  1. Hi Natasha:) I really do like the lighting you captured in that first picture of Spicy. It is warm and restful. I also like your fence post picture. It reminds me of how even the rusted and sharp things of life can be put together by the Master Artist to be a thing of beauty! Hugs to you, Marla

  2. Hi Marla! :) Thanks, I'm glad you like those pictures! That is a good reminder. :)

  3. That picture at the top is my favorite of the ones on your blog.:)

  4. Your cat is so cute and she looks JUST like my cat Duchess!