Sunday, May 22, 2016

Chatting, Shopping, and a Moonlit "Walk"

 How was your week? Mine was more busy than usual, because my cousin came out with (most of) her family and surprised us! :) (they left this morning) 

 So it's been a week full of talking, hanging out, shopping...

 While shopping, I bought this cool... um... I don't know what it's called. A "leather" folder for drawing or writing? That'll work. :D Anyhow, this will be great to use for my drawing. I can just buy a vertical sketch pad (that will fit in the slop in this folder thing) and take it places... and draw. :) 

 I also grabbed some yarn. Isn't it a pretty color? Just that random artsy stuff. :D I tried to add on to a chain in crocheting, but... I can't get it. Maybe I could watch some youtube videos and figure it out. :) 

 So yea, I've seen three families of cousins a lot this week. :) I don't get bored of going places easily, because I would totally go somewhere today... 

 My social life totally got happier this week. :D I talked with cousins, played games, made s'mores... it was fun. 

 We all got together yesterday and had a fire. 

  Then we decided to join the boys and my sister on one of their night-time escapades. 

 We walked down the road, and it was so lovely! The moon was so full and their was fog in the fields. It was just so fun! My adventurous spirit was excited. :)
We were by this house and a dog started barking, so we went running back down the road! Well, three of us at least. 
Then we just played a game of monopoly. :)

I'll have to take some moonlit walks- down- the- road again, though, because it was really fun! Or I thought so anyhow. ;)

Well, have a lovely Sunday! I hope this post was worth your time! :)


  1. Sounds like you've been having lots of fun!

    Yay for campfires! ^_^ My family went camping with some friends to Zion National Park and arrived back home yesterday. It was absolutely gorgeous there, and it was a fun opportunity to spend time with our friends! :D

    Ooh, moonlit walks! <3

    Oh my goodness, that leather notebook type thing is so pretty! I'd make good use of something like that.

    Oh, and crocheting is a ton of fun once you get the hang of it! :) I learned when I was eight and haven't stopped since. When I first learned, I got discouraged and felt like I would NEVER be able to do it -- but once I conquered the basics, it was so worth it!

    1. Yes, campfires can be so fun. :D That's awesome that you got to go camping! I hope we go with our cousins sometime soon...

      I know right? It was a lovely night. :)

      Yea, it's a pretty useful thing- perfect for sketching! ;)

      I'd probably have fun crocheting too... I'll just have to learn how to do it. :)

  2. Sounds fun! Lovely pictures, by the way! :)


    Have you been crocheting for long?? :D Lovely photos! <3

    1. Oh, so that's what it's called? (I so smart, right? :P Haha) It is pretty cool! :)

      I only know how to chain, and I learned how to do that when I was little. :)


    2. When I was 8 my sister and I raced to see who could make the longest chain (we made them at went across our whole house lol) a single crochet really isn't too hard..have you tried library books? Maybe you should try some different youtube videos..sometimes it's easier to see hand on. :D

    3. That's cool! :D
      I still have to get to watching some videos. Watching it will definitely be easier, I'm sure. :)

  4. A moonlit walk sounds so fun! That is so something I would love to do! :D

    Crocheting really fun! I still don't have any yarn, so I haven't been doing it. Before I knew how to do any stitches I would just chain for hours. :) My parents bought me a video and that's how I learned. I've borrowed it out to so many people since then... borrowing them the video is easier than teaching them myself. I guess I'm not a very good teacher. When I see them do something wrong, I don't dare to tell them! lol! ;P

    That's so cool that your cousins visited! :D Were you very surprised? When we visited family last summer, we surprised them. It was so fun! :D

    I'm going to be camping this weekend with cousins, sisters, and aunts! I'm so excited! :)

    1. It was so fun! :)

      Yea, I need to learn to do it. :) Haha, I can kind of relate! :P

      They were at our other cousin's house, and I knew someone was there. But at first I thought it might just be one of my dad's old friends or something... I'm glad it was my cousins instead! :D That's cool. It would be fun to surprise someone!

      Fun! I hope we go camping sometime... :)