Friday, May 13, 2016

Photo Editing, Tornados, and Life's Other "Adventures"

 I seem to have done a bit of these sort of posts lately... nevertheless, I'm doing one again! :)

Just to make a random comment, blogging is awesome! :D If you have a blog as well, don't you agree? 

 You may notice that I've been working more on my blog display, as well as adding a new page, Modest Fashion. That page may only benefit my own pleasure... I don't know. :D It's fun putting outfits together. That's a lot of what I did after church on Sunday. :) 

Okay, back to working on my blog. I decided to just write the title on my header... but then you're required to write a title on blogger. So I just did a dot. But then I noticed that on the tab thing above the address bar, there was just a dot instead of "looking through my lens". SO, I wrote the title in on blogger and made it super tiny, so you can't really see it! :D I was laughing gleefully at my genius. OR maybe it wasn't genius at all! Haha. :D I hope you're not scratching your head in confusion at my non-ability to explain this very well. :P

 I want to try making my picture on here round, so I went onto a blog that said to go onto Picmonkey. Its a site for editting pictures! You can use it for free; you just can't use everything on there that way. There are better plans for like $2.75 and $4.99 a month.

Anyhow, I had fun playing around on it. Here's a picture I edited:




 This probably wouldn't be good for someone's yearly pictures, but for something to frame on your wall... :) 

 THIS one would look good for just normal yearly pictures. :) 

 We also had fun making my eleven yr old brother have a mustache and beard! It got us laughing! :D 

My, I'm starting to really like picmonkey. :D The only bad thing is that it lowers the picture's resolution! WHY would they do that? :\ Or maybe its on a certain setting...

 Are you wondering why my title mentions tornadoes? Well, we had a stormy day this week, with tornado warnings and all.
AND, I may have seen my first tornado! I may have gotten a little creep-ed, but not really. It wasn't very windy at all at our house, so...
 I went to get my camera, but it was not very visible any more when I got back... probably due to rain. 

 But it was out there somewhere. :) Pretty cool. I like excitement like that. :D My mom's pretty sure it was a tornado.  

 And then we played take two in the basement for awhile. :) And we also survived the storms, as you can tell. ;)

 Today I went with my mom and littlest siblings to town. We went to this little downtown street that had an art gallery, another artsy shop, and a hardware store with an antique store in it. I LOVED the antique store! There was TONS of stuff, and it was so fun to look through it! Although, I didn't look through it all. I want to go back when I have some money sometime and stay there a long time! :) There was a couple old stoves in the hardware part. Stoves like the one's you'd see in the Love Comes Softly movies! So cool. :D I love old stuff. Even the smell. Ahh.

 We got tomato plant too. So, hopefully we'll get some yummy fresh tomatos this summer! Is anyone else looking forward to summer? Pretty much everyone, I'm guessing? :) It's already summery where I'm at. 

 Some of my family and I have enjoyed making shaped pancakes using a medicine... uh, squirt-er. Sorry, I don't really know what it's called. It's one of those little medicine things that you put the end in liquid and pull the other end up to suck it in. 

SO. We suck pancake batter into them things, and make shapes on the pan. :) I made my sister above. I've made letters. I should make some again for my little one yr old brother. He's kind of learning letters. Well, at least, if you have a shirt on with letters on it, he'll sometimes touch them and say, "ABC..." and other letters. Or maybe something he thinks is the name of a letter. ;) Such a cutie bear. :)

 What else have I been doing? Well, our fast-growing lawn has needed mowing more than once this year. 

I mowed a bit yesterday; It's actually kind of a fun task. :) You can just talk to yourself as you watch the long weedy grass get cut down into a nice lawn again. :) And no, the picture above is not our lawn. It's our old lawn in MN. I don't know if our lawn here has ever looked that nice.

Well... I guess I could show you all the fish my little brother caught today. Although it doesn't look very nice. XD I'll just say that is was a catfish that weighed like, 17.6 pounds. :)

Thanks for reading this post with lots of words! :D Hope you enjoyed! :)


  1. I've been using picmonkey to edit pictures for years now. Isn't it awesome? :)

  2. Hmm, I'm not sure it lowers the resolution? When you save the image to your computer, there are different options of resolution stuff. :P There's three little buttons, but of course I can't remember any of their names. *headdesk*

    AND YES. BLOGGING IS COMPLETELY AWESOME. As is photo editing. It can be quite fun. (and time consuming...)

    // katie grace
    a writer's faith

    1. Yea, I actually found that now! It still seems to make it have a little less resolution, but it's much better. Maybe I'm still doing something wrong! :P IDK.

      Blogging is quite wonderful. :) Yep, you can sure have a lot of fun editing pictures!

      Thanks for commenting!

  3. Okay, so with the resolution... when you click the 'save' button on Picmonkey, it automatically gives you a choice for your photo quality. The qualities are given names: Roger, Pierce, and Sean. I usually use Pierce -- it's great quality, good file size. :)

    Sounds like you've been having fun! And yes, summer is coming on quickly. Ack, it's already SO hot here. We had spring for about... two or three weeks. xD

    Oh, I love making shapes with pancakes. ^_^ Makes such fun memories. <3

    1. You may have seen from my comment that I found that now. Thanks for explaining it though. :)

      Yea, summer is sure coming. :) Today we actually had some cooler weather.

      Yes, shaping pancakes is just fun! :D