Tuesday, August 15, 2017

August 2017 \\ Currently

Time for my August Currently post! :)


\\ Getting settled in our new house. It takes a while to get everything organized and put away. It's been great being moved in though! :)

\\ I have like, around one and a half hours of driving left to get! Night driving. It's taken me forever, and I still have things to practice before I'll dare attempt the test. *sigh*


Water Princess, Fire Prince by Kendra E. Ardnek

World travel, crazy lands, evil dragon... It's been pretty good! And cute... *sigh*


\\ My older brother coming out! :D

\\ Yes, I keep telling you this, but our family reunion! It's coming up!

\\ When I get a job and can buy "all" the cute shoes and dresses and everything I find at Goodwill. =D It's so much more fun when you have money, you know. *winks*


\\ When you ask your little brother if he will buy you Chick-fil-A, and he says he will. *heart eyes* When we ask if he has money, he pauses with this funny look on his face, then runs to find his coins. What a cutie! <3

\\ When you walk into a store, and there's a bunch of... CHRISTMAS. TREES. WHAT. *gapes and gapes* IT. IS. STILL. SUMMER. PEOPLE. Why- why are there Christmas things out for sale right now???!! I'm just looking at my mom- "Why is there Christmas trees?!"



  1. Getting settled in new houses can be fun ;P Kirsten is doing it too. They FINALLY we're able to move into their house they built! (Me and LaKaysha were actually the first ones to sleep in that house 'cause that's where we stayed when we were up there for two weeks ;P)
    Oh you're so close to getting your license!!! XD XD
    And TYREL IS GOING TO VISIT!!?? *is so excited for you bc I know how much you wanted to see him*
    Life has been pretty good over here ;) I went to the beach again on Saturday. With a bunch of "young adults" - Kaysha + Roger, Rusty + Shanoah (w/ Noelle) and stuff ;) Colten came in his NEW MUSTANG!! he still hasn't taken me for a ride in it, but maybe someday. (I'll probably have to beg him - he doesn't think of these things on his own ;P)
    AND this weekend I'm going up to the mountains and I'm camping with my parents and Grandpa +Sue, and Kirsten is gonna come too! Then I might go back up to my aunt and uncle's for another week. Kirsten needs someone to ride home with her so she isn't driving four hours alone... In the dark. I still haven't decided if I want to go for that long again. But I'd get to go to the Rodeo. And they're in the new house now... I'm still thinking about it. SOMEBODY will be hopping in with her though ;P

  2. Yea, it's taking us long enough. :P That's cool!
    I am! As long as I get some practice soon so I can actually pass the test. Scary stuff. *hides*
    Yes!! It will be great to see him again! :D
    It sounds lime you are having fun times. :) Well I hope you have a good time if you go to you au y and uncle's again!