Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Four Days of Family \\ Reunion

Last week my dad's side of the family met at a big house and had a four-day reunion. One family was missing- it would have been many times better with them! But I guess that's life. And it was still a fun time, being mostly all together and all staying in a big house! :) There were my grandparents, many aunts and uncles, loads of cousins, as well as a couple "cousins-in-law" if that's a thing (;P), and one of my cousins' two little girls. So, yea, lot's of people. *winks* I love having a big family. I can't imagine being one of those people with only two cousins!

 Anyhow, here's just a dump of things we did during those few days!

Riding up in my big brother's Cadillac for six hours. Stopping at a gas station and eating lunch at the edge of the parking lot. Then winding down all these country back roads to reach the "manor". :)

Watching the many volleyball games. I joined a few, but I don't think I was much of an asset. *sticks out tongue* But between many uncles, aunts, and cousins, volleyball was the big thing. ;) My grandparents even played sometimes! 

Sitting out by the fire at night, stars shining overhead, wearing sweatshirts (this deserves mention, people), just hanging out. The fire was probably one of my favorite things. :) Sometimes we roasted marshmallows and little smokies... I had a s'more once. *winks* I need a few more campfires before summer ends. Or in the fall. That'll work.  

Piling in vehicles and going for a beautiful hike. Big rock overhangs, a little tunnel, a lovely little waterfall... that was a fun time. :)

Photographing the kids doing an obstacle course, which included egg on a spoon race, eating doughnuts off a string (hung from the volleyball net *winks*), and finding gummy worms in whipped cream with their mouths. :) 

Making our marks on the chalkboard, hanging out on the couch with electronic devices... ;P

 And playing pool... or watching others play. ;)

Getting caught in the midst of a water balloon battle, where your cousin throws a balloon at someone and you get wet. xP 
Also water balloon volleyball (we just volleyed them, and didn't play a real game). And yes, there WAS a spider in one of the balloons! 

Taking a long trip to Walmart with the cousins, and getting Starbucks. Another day we went to a gas station that was closer and got snacks and such. 

All in all, it was blessed just being together! I wish I could see my cousins more often... maybe another reunion in a couple years? *winks*



  1. Oh sounds like so much fun!
    I think the most fun sounding thing is the obstacle course! <3

    1. It was a nice time! :)
      Yea, they did some fun things. ;D

  2. It all sounds so fun!
    I think my favorite would be the fire, hanging out around a fire with cousins is the best. XD We had lots of fires at the beginning of summer, but that was before the drought and all the fire danger. Now they're even asking that you wouldn't burn in fire-pits. It's just way too dry! *cries 'cause my grass is brown*

    1. I know, right?! Fires are so wonderful. =D Ugh, that's too bad it's so dry there. :\
      I hope we can have some more campfires soon before summer's over... or even in the fall. ;)

  3. oohhh, water balloon vb??? I NEED TO PLAY THAT XDD
    btw, new follower right here!! xD

    1. Yes, it's really fun! This time we didn't exactly play a game, so it wasn't as fun, but another time I played it was great! :D You toss big water balloons over the net with beach towels (two people to each towel) and the people on the other side have to try catch it with their towels. *winks*
      Eek, thank you so much for following! <3

    2. WHOAH. i def need to do that sometime. xD
      Yess, why wouldn't I, your blog is absolutely fantabulous <333

  4. Definitely hanging around the fire. A sweatshirt would be very nice to wear, also, but we've been having summer weather for some silly reason. *rolls eyes*
    Oh, by the way, I love your new blog look!

    1. Yes, that's the best! Yea, it was cooler there, which was really nice. :D
      Thank you! =D