Sunday, October 25, 2015

Colors Photography Challenge: Gold

  Hello! This is the first post for my made up challenge: Colors Photography Challenge. The first color is gold, as you can see. :)

    So for the pictures for this challenge, I'm just putting together a bunch of things that are kind of the same color. Little trinkets and whatever. 
  These pictures have the golden swan, of course, a Singapore coin, I believe, a necklace, paintbrush, pendant on a chain, and the oddest of all, a lacey gold shrug.  Hehe. Yea, I even use clothes. :) And then there's one of my printed pictures in the one below.
Um, yea, so that's my make-up of these gold pictures. :) 
Here's the bonus pictures- sunsets! :)
(most of these I've already posted before)