Saturday, December 5, 2015

Colors Photography Challenge: Blue

   Alright, I've gotten another Colors Photography Challenge post here:
  BLUE... beautiful color. :)

And now for the pictures with blue...
I miss these Minnesota winters... white Christmases... :( Bring me back.
Blue water... blue sky. <3
Lovely blue mountain (:
LOVE this picture! gorgeous little blue robin's egg. <3
Pretty blue butterfly.
Bluebird :)
And my little computer painting. (:
  By the way... I may not have much more pictures on here. The camera I use has a major problem: you turn it on, the screen is black. You take a picture, the picture is black. (or if you turn it on negative or something, its white.) I think my little brother must have broken something in the lens... because he pulled it onto the floor or something. :\ So... unless its fixed... oh my, I'll be on a photography fast until another camera comes around!! O.o
Hopefully that won't be too long.
and now I can say...
       Christmas has to be my favorite season. Warm feeling... cheerful... exciting... festive... just that unique Christmas season feel. (:
  It doesn't really feel too much like Christmas season right now- it would help to have a layer of snow... (like that picture of the snow :) )
  Getting everyone Christmas presents is always fun. :) :)
And then there are baking cookies... Yea, I hope I'll get some seasonal recipes on here sometime. :)
Anyhow, enjoy the Christmas season!!