Friday, December 25, 2015

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas to all! 

  The true reason for Christmas seems to kind of fade into the background as we have all of our holiday activities. 
  The Christmas story is a miracle that we should remember in awe and thanks to God. :) Mary was like, the most privileged mother in history, and present! Her little baby boy was GOD Himself! When she kissed her baby's soft little face, she was kissing the face of God! It's really, quite amazing! 

    The Christmas story is also an amazing picture of God's fierce love for us. He sent His son to rescue a bunch of dirty sinners, many who didn't even know him, their own creator, many who would reject His free, priceless gift. A gift that saves us from the fear of hell, that insures a home in a perfect, joyous place filled with God, where no darkness can ever enter. 

   And Jesus came, He who made the universe, humbly and as a servant, and died a terrible death because he loves us. 
  How it must hurt him when we brush aside His amazing entry into the world, when we take HIS gift for granted that He gave us the very first Christmas! 

  So, let's not take it for granted!  

                              Our God is our King who was born to die.

      So let us celebrate God's Christmas gift to us today!


                                 A peek into my families Christmas season

     One fun thing me and my family did this Christmas season, is make a homemade gingerbread house. It's quite cute. :)
The house features pretzel siding, jolly rancher windows, nerd mulch... 
I made a wreath with green nerds and a strip of... unicorn bacon! Uh, yea, that's not really what its called, but there was some picture that called it that, so... why not? It's a better name. :D
The roof is made of square cereal pieces and starbursts! :)

     Here is out little scrubby Christmas tree. :) (sorry, the picture isn't very good.) The kid's cut it down from the woods, so we got to have a tree this year. Underneath are the presents me and my siblings got for each other, and some from grandparents. :) We opened them yesterday. 

And one of our few ornaments... this one is pretty, but we also used other trinkets (cookie cutters, necklaces... Someone even put some deer antlers in there. Uh, you can see we're a bit lacking in Christmas decoration!)
It was nice to take some pictures with smartphones! I NEED TO BUY A CAMERA! 

  Though we don't have many decorations, our nativity scene is really nice. :)

And here are the stockings we opened today! :)

Well, hope you all have a nice day!


                                Merry Christmas!

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