Sunday, January 31, 2016

Book Review: Cinderella's Shoes

 Book reviews aren't my normal blog post, but today... that is what I'm doing. :) I've recently finished this wonderful book, called Cinderella's Shoes, so I thought I'd share my review!
(I'm not the greatest at writing reviews so... ha,ha... oh well. ;) )


 Cinderella's Shoes is the sequal to Cinderella's Dress, by Shonna Slayton.

 Kate Allen's adventures with Cinderella's ancient wardrobe continue, but this time, she is on a quest in Europe to find the shoes. She hopes that they might help her find her missing father, who has been presumed dead. So when the Kolodenkos invite her to come back to Italy with them, she readily agrees. 

The quest is filled with danger and choices, as Kate comes to find what she truly wants when it comes to her family legacy, and discovers how precious the people in her life really are.

Cinderella's Shoes is a great book, and I think I like it better than the first. Maybe it has to do with the Europe setting... the old castles... (and old camera, as a bonus! :D) Of course, Kate and Johnny's relationship got more... grew... however you'd say it. :) Johnny is just so sweet. :D 
We also get to know the Kolodenkos better. Nessa was kind of irritating at first, but then I liked her. :) And Likda... I like her too. But there are some mysteries about her that would be kind of interesting to discover. Shonna Slayton should write another story in this series, giving Lidka a happy ending. :)

So yes, a worthwhile read... this one had more magic, and it was just a great book. :D Very unique.

Recommend to: Teens, and lovers of: fairy-tale retellings, World War 2 times, castles and old things, Europe, clean romance <3, adventure! 

If you missed the yummy recipe I posted the other day, (it wasn't on there long enough) then here it is. 

Banana Garbanzo Bean Fudge Brownies

Make it and eat it while you're... reading Cinderella's Shoes!
This wondrous camera of mine is making my food pictures look more like the professionals! :D

Well, farewell all! :)

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