Saturday, April 30, 2016

Photo Gallery: A Trip to the Zoo

 We went to the zoo with family at the beginning of this week. :) Even though I'm fifteen, I haven't been to a zoo in a long time, and my youngest siblings hadn't even been to one before! Yea, that shows you how often we do stuff! ;P

 So I got to take lots of animal pictures! My favorites are probably the giraffes and the white parrot sort of bird. You'll see them below. ;)

        Wouldn't you love to find this creature in your backyard? Ha. Yikes! :P
I just really like this one. :)

  Flamingos are kind of funny birds. See how they tuck their beaks into their feathers? And they have those really skinny legs. How do they hold their body up, especially when they're standing on only one leg? (another strange habit, apparently. ;D )

Bamboo trees are pretty cool. :)
  Then we have the cougars. Some of the kids were whistling with grass and stuff, which apparently interested one of the cougars, because it came right down to the fence! 

  And the giraffes. Aw, I really like them. :) See that one's long black tongue in the picture above? :D

Well, hope you enjoyed! :)


  1. This is so cool! I haven't been to the Zoo in a while. We don't have Flamingos at our Zoo, as far as I know. :) The animals at our Zoo are usually lazy. lol! ;P

    1. oh, I guess my little sister says we do have Flamingos at our Zoo! lol! She's gone recently with our aunt and uncle, so I guess she would know. ;)

    2. Yea, it was fun to see all the animals. :)

  2. So fun!! I'm glad you guys got to go the zoo finally! :D The giraffes are beautiful; and very cool that you got close-up pictures of the cougar! Hope the other kids enjoyed it too! ^_^

    1. I know, the giraffe's look so nice! :) Yea, we got to see that cougar in action. :D I think everyone had a good time that day. :)