Thursday, November 3, 2016

Favorite Quotes Tag

    I was recently tagged by Daminika for the Favorite Quotes Tag! :D Thanks for tagging me!

   I don't really know many quotes... I just scoured the internet for most of these. ;) And I have A LOT, by the way. One is from a song, but that still a quote, right? ;)

   Here they are!

   Picmonkey was being horribly irritating (aka, chopping off most of the picture when I tried to save it) so I just took a picture of it right from Picmonkey. :P Then I decided to make it black and white.

I like this song! Beautiful. :) If you've never heard it, you can check it out here.

  I'm going to tag:

 Shantelle @ A Writer's Heart

 Sam H. @ Books and Arrows

and anyone else who wants to do this! =D 

And here are the GUIDELINES, which I copy and pasted from Daminika's blog:

//Think of quotes that you love. They can be quotes by famous people, a movie, or even just a family member - or a Bible Verse. 
//You could put the quotes on backgrounds, but if you don't enjoy doing that then feel free to just put them in your post.
//Be sure that you say who said the quote -- or where in the Bible it is. 
// Post them! You could take the banner and post it with them if you'd like. 
// Tag as many friends as you like!

Hope you enjoyed! :)


  1. Oooh!! I loved them all! I'm so glad I did this tag! ;)
    I love that you did a lot! I wanted to, but I couldn't come up with that many - then I tag you and Felicity and you both "wow-ed me" with your many quotes <3

    1. Yea, it was a fun tag! =)
      That's kind of how I was with my song lyrics tag- I did two and everyone else did a lot! ;P