Sunday, November 27, 2016

My Thanksgiving :)

   How was your Thanksgiving? Mine was enjoyable. :) The usual delicious foods... pies... cold, fall air. 
   Here's a few pictures showing my Thanksgiving.

    Everything packed in the vehicle. :)

    I went out and took some pictures of all the fall-ness. It isn't this pretty at MY house. ;) I took some of "my" little country boy, too- see them here.

   Sometime after lunch I went with my mom, aunts, and grandma on a walk. We went down a road full of Amish places. It's a good idea to take a long walk on Thanksgiving. ;)

   After the walk we had pie! :) I should've tried more different kinds- I only ate pumpkin pie and cheesecake (yea, someone kinda hacked the cheesecake :P) BUT I got to eat apple pie for breakfast Friday. ;)

   That's pretty much it. Besides hanging out, of course. :)

   The next day I went with my mom, aunts, and grandma shopping. We didn't get up early- just went around lunch. I had an enjoyable time, and even found a coffee drink I really like! ;D It was a peppermint mocha frappuccino. I had to figure out how that was all spelled- you can tell I'm not a coffee drinker. I like the flavor, but I don't like regular coffee, and I usually get sick of other coffee drinks after awhile. But this one was great! :) I know, it probably doesn't have much coffee in it, but it was the right amount for me. ;) Then when we went out to the vehicle, I was sipping a cold drink in the freezing air! ;P 

  Yesterday we decorated for Christmas! =D We usually take forever to finally do it (and we don't have very many decorations), but this time we got on it fast. :) There's a Christmas party with my homeschool group youth coming up, and I'm excited about that. :)

     Until we meet again... which should be soon, I'm sure. ;P



  1. Great post, Natasha! AND OH MY WORD THAT LAST PHOTO OF YOUR BROTHER. Sooo much cuteness, and the composition of that picture was very good, as well! =)
    Our Thanksgiving was awesome! We had our grandparents, our uncle, our aunt, and our cousin come over. We ate a lot of food, played games, sang a wholllle bunch of hymns (we LOVE to sing together! =)), and all in all had a great time! Looks like you had a pretty awesome Thanksgiving, too. =)

    1. Double thanks! :)
      That's great that you had an awesome Thanksgiving! It's always fun to get together with family on the holidays. :)
      Yep, we had a good time too. :)

  2. Sounds like fun! I had a good weekend, too. We went to my Grandpa's house Thanksgiving Day, like always. Not the whole family came (like, we were missing some aunts and uncles - MY whole family went ;P) but it was still fun. The food was so good! Turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy, and corn. That's all I ate, but we had other things - that I don't like. Like stuffing and cranberry sauce.
    We sang some songs, and later ate dessert. We had like six different pumpkin pies! I ate the one my grandpa made because it was his first time making it. It was PERFECT! =D
    Then my cousin came and stayed with us from Friday to Sunday. We had a house full on Saturday night, and I got to cuddle with Kaaren! <3
    I have no idea when we are going to have our Christmas party and do the exchange. This time of year is so busy for us. We do a Warnke Christmas, a Stenersen Christmas, our own Christmas, AND us girls do our own. All crammed in one month. ;P
    We decorated for Christmas on Friday, but we don't have a tree yet. We like to wait awhile so it isn't dead by Christmas.
    Those pictures of your "country boy" are so cute!! <3

    1. Yep! :) It sounds like you had a great Thanksgiving too! :) Yes, the food is always soo good! And I LOVE pumpkin pie. :D That's cool that your grandpa made one. :)
      Wow, it sounds like you're going to have an awesomely busy December! :D
      I don't know if we're going to have a tree or not. We don't always. Last year we got one from the woods. ;D
      Thank you! :)

    2. Oooh, Natasha, you actually got a live tree!! We never have, but it seems like such a cool idea!

  3. That sounds like such a fun Thanksgiving! :D
    I still need to put up our decorations (my parents don't really enjoy Christmas as much as I do *winks*). I can't wait for Christmas! It's my favourite time of the year! :D
    And it's FINALLY gotten cold at our house! It's been raining for the past week or so and it's been SO wonderful! :)
    I'm glad you had a great Thanksgiving, and I hope you enjoy your Christmas party! :)

    1. It was nice! :)
      Yea, sometimes it takes us forever to finally decorate! Not this year. ;) Yes, it's definitely a great time of year! :D
      It's cold here too! Fall came at last. ;) It was rainy and really windy today.
      Thank you! :)

  4. I tried pumpkin pie and cheesecake for the first time this Thanksgiving! :D It was delicious.
    Lovely photos!

    1. For the first time?! Well you aren't missing out any longer. ;) I love both! :D
      Thank you! <3