Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Further Summer Trips: part 2

  Well, I thought I had better get this last post about my summer trips done before 2016 is over! Why do I take so long? Don't ask. ;P

  Anyhow, from that youth and singles event, I went to MN, my old home. <3 I was there three weeks, staying with relatives, and helping with my cousin's wedding, which happened to be on my 16th birthday. :)

   Here are some pictures I took while there.

    I got to see my cousins there, some who I hadn't seen in a couple years. It made some fun memories- such as rolling around in office chairs in my cousin's basketball court, going out on a lake, and going with a bunch of cousins (first and first-once removed, I think), and a few others mini golfing and such. =D Some great times. When we went mini-golfing, we went straight from church... and I was wearing a dress, so I couldn't even do everything. :| I was like "Why can't I be wearing pants right now?!" That part wasn't nice. ;P

  So yea. I love seeing my cousins, and sometimes I really miss them- the ones who don't live near me. 
Isn't this beautiful? :)

   I also had a good time helping out with my cousin's wedding- helping my aunt with cakes and other things. I also took some pictures for them of random things at the wedding (and before), but I  took them all on a different card, which I don't have. So this one above is one of the only ones I took with MY card. ;)

  I had fun thrift shopping too. :D That's how I found It's a Wonderful Life on DVD for $2- thrift shopping. I love it. =D

  It was the first trip I had ever went on alone. :) I'm very glad I did it... it made me have to do things myself, and maybe be less shy. If they read this, they'd be like "What? Less shy?" ;P But I think being alone emboldens people... or me anyhow. :) It was a very great experience, though, and I'm so glad I was able to go there! =D

I hope you enjoyed!


  1. I enjoyed this post, Natasha! =D
    I'm so glad you had a wonderful time there! And these pictures are AMAZING! =D

    1. Glad you did! :D
      Yes, I'm glad I got to go! Thank you! =D

  2. These pictures are gorgeous, Natasha! You are such an amazing photographer!