Monday, December 26, 2016

My Christmas

  Hey! How was your Christmas? Mine was great! :) Usually, once Christmas Day passes, it just feels like Christmas is over. But we actually still have a Christmas party to do with our cousins- we weren't able to do it yet because some of them were sick. And we have one in January to do with my older siblings... I still have Christmas presents to finish. ;)

  Well, I shall tell you all about my Christmas. :)

  First of all, we watched A December Bride the day before Christmas Eve.

  I really enjoyed it. :)

  Then came Christmas Eve. We had a little Christmas Eve party ourselves that night. We had little smokies, meatballs, cole-slaw, and a drink that I can't think of what it's called- juice and ginger ale or something. :)

  We were going to have buffalo wings too, but we didn't get them done in time, and had them later.

  Then we Skyped with my older siblings, grandparents, aunt and uncle, and cousins. :)

  After that we opened some presents. I'll show you some later. ;)

  And lastly, we watched a movie. My mom just found a random Christmas movie on , called Miracle Maker

   I really enjoyed it, and recommend it! =D It was about these people in a little old-fashioned town, in need of a "miracle maker". There's a "scrooge" in the story, some funny parts, and some sweet romance as well. <3 It was pretty cute. I love that I found a movie that I really like, when I'd never heard of it before! :)

 OK, on to Christmas morning. I woke up, got dressed, took the rollers out of my hair that I'd put in the night before... and when we were all in the living room, we opened our stockings, and I gave my parents their present from me (us siblings are giving presents in January, which I've probably told you). :)

 Here's all the lovely things I got! =D

   A beautiful notebook, maker pen-sort of things, an graphite drawing pencils! :D

   Compact mirror (which I needed), beautiful ring (from this consignment shop my and my mom checked out the other day, which "thousands" of rings), a girly pink weapon ;P, a nice flashlight, eye shadow, lip gloss, and this cute flower necklace! :)

    Now for the edibles! ;) This picture pretty much explains it. Ooh, but beef jerky! :D That stuff is so good.

     Lastly, my mom made me a CAMERA pillow case! Eep, it's so awesome! =D Look at all those retro cameras! I should have taken this picture from the other side, 'cause I think it's even better. ;) But anyhow. This even matches my other decoration pillows, because it's black and white. :) I also got the rest of the fabric in my stocking, so I can make something else from it. 

  This is the family gift my mom got us, which we opened Christmas Eve! The Peter Pan puzzle is so magical-looking! :D I'm glad we have another puzzle to do. We used to get puzzles in MN from people, and those memories of making them are good ones. :) 
   And it'll be fun to learn this game! :D

      Here's a few things me and my siblings got from cousins. Those beans! I can't wait to do it with my cousins here.  ;D 

     OK, back to telling of Christmas. After opening stockings, we ate breakfast (well, I didn't. I just ate some things from my stocking. ;P) and got ready for church. 

    This is what I wore. :) My curls had fallen out quite a bit before we got home and I have my five-year old sister take these pictures. I had even used lots of hairspray... but no. They kinda like to fall out. ;P

These were before church... maybe my curls were more curly here. ;) I quite like my outfit, and how my hair actually looked nice (can be so hard to style it! "The front looks nice" *looks at the back* "Ugh!" ;P). But I do kind of wonder if my dress was too short, especially with heels? Ooh, did you see my heels? I got those not too long ago at Goodwill, and they're SO cute! ;)

  Late that day, we went to our friend's house for dinner. We had Italian food, and it was SO good. That lasagna... AND, my mom made tiramisu! 

  I've been wanting to try that ever since I did a report about Italy one year, and yesterday I finally got to. =D It was really good! If you like coffee, REALLY light cake, and whipped cream, you'll probably like this. ;)

  Yea, so I had a fun time there. We played some games, and had some laughs. ;) That's always fun. 

  Well, tell me about your Christmas! =D

p.s. what do you think of my changed header? ;)


  1. I really enjoyed this post, Natasha! <3
    Sounds like you had an awesome Christmas!

    That outfit is so cute! But I think I would wear the "dress" as a shirt... that's just me. :) If I find my dress is too short I put a pencil skirt under it and THEN I wear it to church. ;P And after church, I simply take the skirt off and I have a legging outfit. A trick we learned from the "Old Apps". ;P
    Your heels are A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E!

    We didn't go to church yesterday, our church is so small so we just canceled it. Liberty woke us all up real early and we opened our stockings. I got a really cute travel mug! And three pairs of really nice socks! One pair is soft and Christmas-y. I think my parents did really good with what little they could spend - my travel mug isn't a cheep one, it's stainless steel. I bought Felicity one for five dollars (that is plastic), and I kinda expected that if they got me one it would be like that, but they got me a really nice one! (I'll probably post pictures on my blog)

    On Christmas Eve we did a puzzle all day - among other things (like eating ;P) That night we watched "The Christmas Candle". My mom just found a random Christmas movie on Amazon, and I enjoyed it. :) And after finishing the puzzle, we finish our day with "Father Knows Best" ;P

    Christmas Day was when we had Christmas Dinner and opened presents. I got some great things! I don't want to tell you all of them because I want to do a post, but I got adorable sunglasses from LaKaysha! =D

    Ooh! your new header is so cute! I love it! =D (thought is before you asked ;P)

    1. I'm glad that you enjoyed it! :) It was a pretty good Christmas. ;)

      Thanks! :) Yea, I'd probably be more comfortable with it that way- it just felt really short with just leggings. ;P I could have worn this with skinny jeans, but it felt to casual for me. I should try that trick! I don't know if I have a skirt that'd work, but I should find one. :) That would be nice, because I love that dress except for how short it is. ;P
      THANKS! I really like them. =D

      It sounds like you had a nice Christmas as well! :D I'm looking forward to seeing your post about it!

      Thank you! =D =D

    2. Yeah, skinny jeans are too casual for me, too. (to wear to church)
      But Shantelle is right - pencil skirts with short dresses are really in right now. I've been wearing them for a while and I LOVE them! Putting outfits together just got soo much "funner" when I bought my pencil skirt from Forever 21. ;P Now I don't HAVE to borrow Felicity's all the time. ;P I just realized that I only have one "pencil-skirt-outfit" on my fashion page... I'll try to get pictures of more if you think it would help to see what I'm talking about. ;)

      But the main reason I started to comment back was - I forgot to mention that awesome Peter Pan puzzle!!! It looks soo fun! I love Disney puzzles. I got one for my 8th or 7th birthday and we've done it soo many times! Almost have it memorized. ;P
      That puzzle is just awesome! =D

    3. Yea, I want to get one now! :) Ooh, I just saw the new picture you put on your fashion page. That's really cute! I definitely need to get one. ;)
      Yea, I kind of wondered about you NOT saying anything about it, because you love Disney. ;P :) But yes, it is a cool puzzle! So magical. =D

    4. I wondered about me not saying something, too. ;P I must have had a "brain fart". ;D

    5. Haha, I've done things like that too. ;D

  2. ohmygoodness bean boozled *chokes* haavee fuunnn hahaha xD you should totally do a video xD

    merry late Christmas!!

    1. Haha, I know! I've tried it once, and got a dog food jelly bean. XP I video WOULD be funny! ;P

      Merry late Christmas to you too! :)

  3. Love this post, Natasha! ^_^ So cool you got to watch A December Bride! I still haven't yet. I really want to watch Miracle Maker now! :)

    The food looks yummy! And such lovely gifts!! That Peter Pan puzzle looks so wonderful! Now I want to make it! :D

    CUTE SHOES!!!! And outfit! I love all the red! :) I'm always so uncomfortable wearing leggings and shorter dresses (though sometimes I think it would probably be just fine!) If you're uncomfortable, you should try the pencil skirts - that's like really in right now. I always see girls wearing those shorter dresses of all types with pencil skirts underneath. I might try it myself sometime! :D

    Sounds like you had a really fun Christmas Day! Italian food and that cake thing sound DELICIOUS! So fun! :) :)

    God bless!!! <3 <3

    1. I'm glad you enjoyed it! :D Yea, I think we found it somewhere where we could watch it for free. I liked it. :) Yes, Miracle Maker was great! :D

      It was! :) Yes, I got some great things! :) It IS an awesome puzzle- so pretty and magical. =D

      THANKS! =D Yea, I don't know why people have to make dresses so short. :P But I should definitely try the pencil skirt trick! That would solve the problem. ;)

      Yes, it was nice! YES! I love Italian! :)

  4. It's cool that your Christmas gets to last a little bit longer! (Mine flew by way too fast. *winks*)

    That camera pillow is gorgeous! Your mom made it? It looks awesome!

    Glad you had a fun Christmas! And your new header is very pretty, by the way! :)


    1. Yes, it is! ;) Sometimes Christmas does seem to fly by.

      I KNOW! =D Yea, my mom likes to sew. :) But yea, I love the pillowcase- it's very much me. =)

      Double thank you! ;D

  5. Hey Natasha, glad to hear you had a great Christmas! We also had a lot of fun playing games Christmas eve and opening presents! I miss you all and wish we could come visit sometime ( or you come here if you dare the weather :) ) -Verna

    1. Hi Verna! Yea, our Christmas was nice- I'm glad you all had a good time as well! :) Yea, that would be nice! :) I was actually there this summer, but was staying up with relatives the whole time- I never actually made it down there at all, except while traveling. :\