Tuesday, December 13, 2016

On the First Day of Christmas

    I am doing a countdown to Christmas using The Twelve Days of Christmas song! :D Of course, these posts will end on Christmas Eve, since Christmas Eve is the last day until Christmas. 

    So, I will say the part of the song for the day, and then share some Christmas-y random things. :)

    Today I'm going to share pictures of our Christmas baking for this year! I did a guest post on my sister's blog with the recipes- click here to see it. 

    Just to share with you the joys of food photography. ;D

  I got a lot of practice with indoor photography with all these food pictures. :) I took a few of them at night, too. So I edited some of these, the ones that needed it. 

   Flash helped me on some too. It sometimes doesn't make a picture look bad, but good. ;)

This is one that I love! =D Something about a crisp, clear picture...

I had my little brother pretend he was taking a cookie. He's a pretty good actor, huh? I don't think he actually even took one, either. ;)

  When I took pictures of this pancake, I only got one with the whipped cream on it, and then my camera's battery went dead. :P The one I got wasn't too great, so I edited it. These are some things that I used to make some of these pictures look better (using picmonkey): more contrast, lighten, more clarity, and on that cross-process thing, do a little bit of blue. I probably did all of those on this pancake picture. ;P

   Another delectable picture! I mean, the food is delicious, but I'm talking about the picture itself too. ;P LOVE that natural light. I took it by the window, and so the wreath in the background gives it a Christmas feel. :)

   OK, you probably got bored with ALL the Christmas food pictures, but that's what we have today. ;) Now I have to think of what to do for the rest of the eleven days until Christmas! :)

   I hope you enjoyed this, and now want to check out the guest post I did and make some of these yummy things! ;)



  1. Ooh! I love that you're gonna be doing this! I look forward to the rest of the posts.
    And these pictures are amazing!
    I do have all the words to the song memorized! I don't exactly go around singing it, but I do know that I could... I think. ;P now you got me wondering. lol! I'm PRETTY SURE I could! ;D

    1. I'm glad you like the idea! :D
      Thank you! For some reason good food pictures just make me happy... :P
      Cool! I'm not sure if I've ever memorized it all... but I possibly may have last year. But if I did, I don't know it all anymore. ;P :)

  2. Okay, all that food has me so hungry now :) ! I saw the guest post with the recipes on Shantelle's blog and I really want to try some of those this Christmas! Thanks for the post! This should be such a fun series.

    1. Haha, yes, there are some pretty delicious things there. ;) Ooh, I hope you like them if you do try any! :)
      You're welcome, I hope you enjoy it! =D

  3. That food looks so yummy! You take really good food pictures, too, by the way! :)

    Looking forward to the next Twelve Days of Christmas posts!!


    1. Thank you! :)

      I'm glad that you're looking forward to the rest of the posts! :D

  4. Whyyyyy, Natasha?! Why must you post such delicious pictures to make our hungry little mouths water?! XD THOSE COOKIES LOOK SO STINKIN' GOOD. Did you have a favorite?
    I CAN'T EVEN PICK A FAVORITE PHOTO. I do like the eleventh picture though! Great way to set everything up...very professional and Chrismasy!
    I'm looking forward to this new series on your blog!!

    1. Hahaha! XP I know, it's selfish, isn't it? ;P You'll just have to go make them! :D A favorite? Hmmm... maybe the pistachio thumbprints? I'm not sure! I REALLY the pistachio ones, though. :)
      I WAS pleased with that one! THANKS! :D
      I'm glad you are! ^__^

  5. Awesome photos!! I'm hungry now. ;D Nooo I don't know the lyrics but I know something about a ring and a pear tree so.... LOL!
    God bless!
    -Angela | thepeculiarmessenger.wordpress.com

    1. THANK YOU! :) Oh, haha! I don't know it all either! Though I did say that already. ;)