Sunday, January 15, 2017

January 2017\\ Currently

 Time for my first Currently post of the year! I haven't really done anything too cool, but the post shall happen none-the-less. ;)


I made up a new recipe on the first of January. :)

Started watching this TV show called Alone. My dad found it, and one night we stayed up WAY to late watching it, and I was SO tired! ;P It's about these people who go and survive alone out on Vancouver Island, and the last one there wins 500,000 dollars. It's an interesting show, though there is swearing, as there usually is in those shows. I wish they'd bleep out ALL the swears. ;)

We went to some science show with our home-school group.

Most of the month has been pretty boring...

BUT. My two older siblings came on Friday! It's been pretty nice, and we've got some awesome stuff to do. ;D ;D Movies, restaurants, shopping, we're gonna do it ALLLL. Well. Maybe. :P ;D

I'm getting more comfortable driving, which is awesome. :) Maybe I'm weird, but I almost feel more at ease driving at night... and in town. ;P Maybe not, but it kind of feels like that. Maybe because the roads in town aren't skinny.  

Me and a couple of my siblings went outside with a tarp on a windy day! :D I wanted to FLLYYY! Yea, that didn't happen. But it was fun. The wind in a tarp is powerful! I had fun being "crazy" for a little bit. ;P


Troublesome Creek, by Jan Watson

   I mentioned I was reading this in a recent post. I got it from Tyndale Rewards. You can sign up for free and earn points in different ways to get FREE BOOKS! =D
Anyhow, the book has been really good- a very unique historical. I'll let you know what I think when I finish it. ;) I'm thinking it'll be a 5 star. ;D


Delicious Riesen chocolates that I got from my brother... and other candy. ;P Yay for late Christmas gifts!

What else do I say? I'll just end the post now. It's late anyhow. FAREWELL! :D


  1. I enjoyed this post! <3
    I can imagine your super happy to have your siblings home! =D I know I would be if I had siblings that lived out of state. ;P
    Chocolates from your brother!? Did you tell him you loved him. ;P
    That's awesome that you're getting more comfortable driving... I've never driven in the dark, so I wouldn't know which I'm more comfortable with. ;P
    I really need to start driving again... as soon as winter's over. ;D
    We went to church yesterday!!! I was sooooo happy!!Just to sit there and here the sermon... for the first time in a month. *sigh*
    And after church we went to Burgerville and it felt so wonderful to be in town with my sisters and aunts! <3 We went to Walmart just for fun, and then slowly made our way to my Grandpa's house... on the icy roads! That was scary! But Marita did good (with Felicity and Marissa giving her advice) and we made it all the way there and up the driveway without sliding!!! =D (my uncle's pickup that we borrowed probably helped - it being four-wheel drive ;P)
    Then we just hung out there all day, and it felt so good to be not at home. ;P

    1. Yes, it's been great! :D They're my only older siblings, so it's nice to have them here (it would be even if they weren't my only older siblings, of course! ;P).
      I know, chocolate is the BEST! :D He gives us good candy. ;)
      YES, IT IS! I don't know if I'm ACTUALLY more comfortable driving at night... maybe when I've felt that way it's just because I had been driving for a while. But sometimes dark is easier, 'cause you can't see everything that'll make you nervous, haha. ;P
      That's all sounds awesome! I'm glad you all finally got to get out. :D

  2. I enjoyed this! I just got a blog and am following you, hope you don't mind! ;D
    I'm Daminika's sister by the way!

    1. Well I'm glad you enjoyed it! And of course I don't mind, I love getting new followers. ;)

      Yep, I knew! :) That's pretty cool that you got to get a blog- they're a lot of fun. ;)

  3. I'm glad that you're having a good January so far, Natasha! :)
    That's so fun that two of your siblings are visiting!
    That's great that you're getting more comfortable with driving. =)

    1. Thanks! :)
      Yes, I know! It's been fun to have them here. :D
      It is! I have a lot of driving to do before I can get my license, so I'm glad it's getting easier. :)