Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Looking for Adventure\\ Ramblings

  Do you ever just long to go on an adventure? I SURE DO. Sometimes I just want to explore, run around and be crazy... just do something adventurous, be myself, and live life!

   I hate being locked in my timid self- sometimes I want to break free and scream and be wild... or something. :D Yea... do I make any sense? So basically, I need to go on an adventure where I am myself and I don't have to be afraid to act free and crazy. 

  My ramblings of the day. ;P

    These pictures are some I took one day when I walked down to the big shop\shed at our house. Down by the wide, bare field. :) It's actually not been very cold these days. It's kind of an odd winter.

  I love the lighting in these pictures. I think the sun came shining out of the clouds or something.

 There's something nice about sitting by a field, with the wind blowing your hair... or something that sounds nice about it. That's what I was doing. ;) Maybe it's the feel of freedom! :D

   So since my older brother and sister have been here, I've taken over my younger brothers' room. ;) My two-year-old brother is still sleeping in there, though... that can take a little getting used to. His snoring and random noises while he's sleeping. Haha. ;P 
He didn't want to go to sleep one night. I told him to close his eyes, and he says, "I don't want to close my eyes, I want to open them." ;P  

Last night he woke up crying and trying to crawl out of bed or something. When I calmed him down, at least somewhat, he was saying something about spiders and bugs... yea. And then when I turned off the little salt light, he started yelling and crying that he wanted it on. ;P So I turned it back on. And when I though he might be sleeping again, and quietly turned the light off again.

" I want it on!"

It was so funny, I was half-laughing, or trying not to! :P But finally, he did fall asleep. ;)

Anyhow, just some random stories about the cutest little brother ever. ;D

  Daisy! Look at her, licking her nose... or whatever she's doing. Ears blowing in the breeze. ;) I edited this picture, by the way.

  I really like this picture. :) That's where I was, in this field behind "the shop".

  Anyhow, guys, I hope you enjoyed my very random post of ramblings and stories and pictures... oh, and all the selfies. ;P Haha. :)


  1. Enjoyed! I loved all the ramblings, stories... and even the selfies. ;P
    Ooohh! You're little brother sounds so cute!! Makes me wish I had little siblings... but I guess I'll have to settle for little cousins. =D

    1. I'm glad you did! ;D
      He is! Little toddlers say the cutest things. <3 Or sometimes just how they say it sounds so cute. ;)

  2. Enjoyed this! Your little brother sounds cute! ;p

  3. Very nice pictures, the flowing hair captures the windiness well. The giant field looks amazing, could be great for adventures and being yourself. Adventures are very uplifting, it's always fun to do something new, and even better without a time limit, everything seems so rushed nowadays.

    1. Thanks! :) Yes, there is something about fields...
      They are!

  4. Wow, great post, Natasha! (oh, and MAN, you're pretty =))

  5. By the way my blog address is: :D Just if you want to look at it or follow me ;)