Wednesday, February 1, 2017

January 2017

    Yes, the first month of 2017 is over! And I'm a little late for my highlights post... me and my family went on a last minute trip to South Carolina, and we got back yesterday. And the internet wasn't working. When it finally did start working, I started this post, but then I went and watched something. So whatever, it's a day late. ;P


\\ I started the year off with baking. ;) I'll have to make up some more recipes... or post some old ones I haven't shared with you all yet. 

\\My two (and only) older siblings came to visit! My brother stayed a week, but my sister is still here. We had (and are having) good times ;)

\\My older sister and I babysat our cousins overnight for a few nights. Read about it here

\\Went out in the woods with two younger siblings and had some adventures. Like, I was convinced to go through this little sink-hole tunnel thing. I might do a post about this sometime. ;)

\\Went on a last minute trip to South Carolina. I had a very nice time, and I hope to write a post about this very soon. Yes, yes! ;)


The Daybreakers by Louis L'Amour

OK, I started this in December, but finished it January. ;)

Troublesome Creek by Jan Watson

And then I've started a million other books, but then something happens and I start another one... :P I started one and then went to babysit and left it home. So I started one my sister had. Then I read the other one, which I left on our vacation, so I started a book I bought on vacation. And then I put that one aside and started ANOTHER book, because it's part of an awesome series. Yes. I promise I don't always do this! Anyhow, the last book I started, (and will finish before starting another book ;P) is...

Willow Springs by Jan Watson! My sister found it at Goodwill on our trip! Like, AMAZING find! And it's just the one I needed too. *squeals* As you can tell, I was quite excited. ;D


\\I got 11 or 12 books this month! That's a lot. I didn't buy ALL of them- some were given.

  I got Mandie and the Long Goodbye for a present, and 
City Girl by Lori Wick and Mandie and the Night Thief at Goodwill. I might have got Troublesome Creek this month too, by the way. Letter Perfect by Cathie Marie Hake, some outdoors photography field guide, Sean Donovan by Lori Wick, Clouds by Robin Jones Gunn, Kiowa Trail by Louis L'Amour, The Way Home, Faith by Lori Copeland, and Willow Springs by Jan Watson *pauses for a breath* I got these ALL in South Carolina! ;P We were there for four-ish days, and I bought seven books. (*whispers* and I just bought four today!) What's gotten into me, seriously? :P
Oh, and then I got Faith by Lori Copeland from Tyndale Rewards.

I also bought candy soda, and yea, mostly junk food. ;P


I went to some home-school teen event and made this cassette wallet. :) It's pretty cute, actually. I might add some things to it... 


\\ Family! I saw family a lot this month.

\\ Books, haha! ;)

\\ Chick-fil-A, oh my goodness! *heart eyes* I LOVE that place, and I went there quite a bit this month.

\\ Having a little child-ish fun. ;P


\\ Our home-school co-op starting this Friday. The classes I'm taking are biology, personal protection, and photography. The first one I'm just like eh. Personal protection is kind of scary sounding... who knows what I'll have to do? o.o But it will be cool to know how to defend myself. ;D And of course, photography will be wonderful! :D



  1. I loved this post!!
    You got a Louis L'Amour!? *dies*
    And it's one I've never read... I'll have to get on that after I finish "Love Me Tender" (which I'm almost done with and am LOVING!!! ;P)
    That wallet is kinda cool! Was it really a tape?
    I hope you do a post about your SC trip! =D

    1. Ah, glad you did!!
      Yes, I just knew it was a Louis L'Amour so I bought it. ;D And it was only 50 cents! Love when books are that cheap.
      Yea, we were supposed to bring an old cassette tape and take it apart to make these, but we didn't have any (anymore) so they gave me one that was spray painted. It is a cool idea. :)
      Yes, I shall! =D

  2. I love this! That wallet is pretty cool, ;P I haven't really done anything cool this month, and I can't have chick-fil-a because I have a peanut allergy and they use peanut stuff, :( *cries*

    1. Thanks! Yea, it was a neat craft. :) No Chick-fil-A?! That's sad. ;P