Saturday, September 2, 2017

August 2017

Time for the monthly highlights post of August 2017!


\\ Moved into our new house

\\ My brother came out! :) We went to a skate park one day because a couple of my siblings are learning skateboarding. 

Another time a bunch of us siblings went and got frozen yogurt. My brother treated us all, 'cause he's generous like that. =D

\\ The eclipse happened! My post is here in case you didn't see it. 

\\ Then we headed up to our family reunion. I just did a post on that, but if you missed it, click here. It was nice to be together in one big house with family for a few days! :)

\\ Another trip to the skate park with siblings. There was nobody there (a lot of the time), so I had fun goofing off too. ;D

Self-timer stuff. *winks* I like this picture from a distance- my eyes are closed. :P

Riding the skateboard sitting down is pretty fun... so if you're unskilled like me, try that. ;D

Me, looking like a real skateboarder. *flips hair* xP Photo credit to my sister, btw. She was practicing with my camera because we're both taking a photography class, and I had to try teach her some things. 
I also finally got to take some nice pictures of my sister, which was very fun. =D


Water Princess, Fire Prince by Kendra E. Ardnek

Sean Donovan by Lori Wick


\\ Peach frozen yogurt

\\ New dress, new shoes *winks*

\\ Strawberries on sale for 99 cents. *thumbs up* 

\\ Campfires, sweatshirts, marshmallows, stars <3


\\ When you cannot figure out how to spell "tongue". I think I finally got it though. ;P

\\ Trying to paint your fingernails. Is it just messy me, or is painting your own fingernails a lost cause? xP You don't put it on fast enough, and it's not smooth, or you keep accidentally touching it and messing it up... *shakes head*

\\ When you sign up for a photo site and they give you 50 FREE prints! ... shipping not included. Um, that's not FREE. :P But it's still cool. *winks*

\\ When you do a good parking job. *satisfied smile*

\\ When you have to coax your little brother FOREVER, with other sisters giving their imput, to finally get him to stick his arms in his new leather-looking jacket. So cute! And he was almost too stubborn to try it on. *rolls eyes*

\\ When your earring falls out in Goodwill. 'Cause I was trying things on.


\\ Well... my birthday? I'm turning 17 on the third. :) So in other words, tomorrow.

\\ Oh yea, our home school co-op is starting up once again. Of course I'm looking forward to it, because then I get to see people every week. *winks* The classes I'm taking? Photojournalism, Bullet Journaling, and then Medieval Literature or something. We only had two options for each hour (there's three). :)

\\ I'll be starting my senior year soon... is that something to be looking forward to? Not sure. ;P Don't get me wrong, I do want to graduate. *winks*



  1. Eek! I Love the pictures at the skate park!! I can't say I've actually been to a "skate park" but the one in BG is where they have Harvest Days and I went to the that this year. Plus the "Y-ville" park has a small part for skateboards. I haven't been there in a LONG time. When we used to go, we'd sit on that... Thingy, and sometimes slide down like it was a slide ;) idk why we don't go there anymore. We've gotten lame I guess ;P
    This month was great!! I tried texting you earlier this week but you never answered. Did you get it? I tried texting you because I GOT A JOB!! I start on Wednesday and I have to say I'm scared. Even though I'd rather talk to who I'm working for than anyone else. But the thought is still scary! I'll be cleaning for her every Wednesday. So only once a week,but it's more money than I'm making right now ;P

    1. Thanks, it really was a fun place to take pictures! =D You should go again, it's fun to goof around there! xD Of course, it's best to go when there isn't anyone else there. Otherwise you might get knocked over by the crazy-good skateboarders. ;P
      Oh, I wondered if you might've texted lately, because my mom's phone died or something! She got a new phone- I just asked if her number changed and she said no... and told me I have a text from you. ;) I don't think I got the one about you getting a job though. Congratulations on that!! =D That's awesome that you'll be having some money coming in now! :)

  2. Happy One Day Early Birthday!! Hope you have an amazing day!!

    That's so cool that you're taking a photography class. I'd love to do that sometime :)

    Shutterfly is just like that. It give you free 4x6 prints but you have to pay for shipping which is kinda expensive. haha it's worth it though ;)


    1. Thank you so much! <3
      Yes, I took one another time too, so hopefully I'll learn a bunch of new stuff in this one! :D
      Yea, it's kinda deceptive, lol. ;P You DO still save though!

  3. OHH TODAY IS YOUR BIRTHDAY SO HAPPPPYYY BIRTHDAYYYY!!! I hope today is so amazing for you girl!! <333
    and back to the post... *ahem*
    PAINTING YOUR FINGERS IS A LOST CAUSE. I just don't even try anymore. xD And new clothes + PEACHES are amazing ^_^

    1. WELL THANK YOU!! <3 I had a very good day! :)
      Haha, it kinda is. Maybe I should just have my sister or mom do it instead. ;P
      YES, AND YES. *winks*

  4. Enjoyed!
    I had a birthday this month so that's kind of exciting!
    Our park has a skateboard area so I guess you could say I've been to one! *grins*
    I LOVE the pictures at the skate park... SO CUTE!!!!!!!

    1. Glad you did!
      Yes, birthdays are always fun. ;)
      Why, thank you! =)