Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Absentminded Bits and Words on Old- Fashioned Days

   Old fashioned things are intriguing to me, and its especially interesting when you're in a place where history happened. I was fascinated when we found these people from 1700's- 1800's online, whose graves are actually in our woods! It's really cool! 

   It was a little family graveyard, apparently. That falling over metal entryway says "HALL" on it. That's the last name...

   Sometimes it feels like the days in history were better than today. It's partially true: There was more chivalry, there was more wilderness, there wasn't so many bad leaders and corrupt laws in America, people seemed to be more hardworking, women were more feminine and men were more masculine, Their houses were more interesting, and their clothing was lovely! (I'm not saying all of them throughout history, because...) The romance back then even seems more... romantic. :D

  On the other hand, they didn't have the medical knowledge we have now, and all the technical things,  women weren't really treated equally (that has somewhat gone too far the opposite way these days...), they couldn't travel very fast, they didn't have indoor plumbing until later history... yea. They both have their good and bad qualities.

Uh, yea. My jabbering. :P



Castles, beautiful flowing gowns, swords, forest, and knights rescuing fair maidens. :)

THE 1900's... somewhere in there.

Pearls, lipstick... so fun. :) 
(I think it was more red lipstick, not pink)


Of course, I have my little vintage traveler. :)

These pictures are from my aunt and uncles house. I love the wallpaper and chandeliers. :D


A few more pictures that can make you think old fashioned. ;)

 Well, thank you for reading my random, odd, old- fashioned post. Hopefully I didn't bore you, especially since I'm no history master. :)  


  1. Replies
    1. Yes, from your blog, I've seen that you love old-fashioned things! Sometimes these modern days seem dull compared to the old days. :)

  2. Did you take that top picture?
    That old grave yard is so cool.

    1. No, its a picture from the internet. It would be cool if I could get a picture like that! :)

      Yes it is quite interesting. :)

  3. My Great-great-great Grandma's maiden name was Hall! :D

    1. Really? That's interesting! Maybe they were related... :) Ha, ha. That would be cool.

  4. By the way, if you wondered why I took some of the pictures off of this post... Well, I just don't want to get sued for using someone else's pictures. It happens, so I want to be more cautious! :)