Friday, June 17, 2016

Currently in June

 June is already about halfway over! So now I'm doing a currently post. :)


 So the other day we had some thunderstorms, and strong wind too, apparently. Since a large chunk of this tree fell down. ;)

 Me and my little sister were down in my basement room, and then we heard this noise- I looked out the window and saw that a tree had fallen down.

  This is the third tree we lost since moving into this rental in 2014. Two, (counting this one) fell down, and one had to be cut down because it was growing into the electrical lines. Hopefully we don't lose any more, 'cause I like those nice shady trees!

 Luckily it didn't hit the house, though it came close. ;) That little window peaking out from the bush on the bottom left side of the house is my bedroom window. It was pretty close. :D

And our potted tomatoes are ripening... well, one at least. :)

  Another "happening" was helping out at VBS last week. :) It was a good time, all in all. I don't think I was sad for it to do over though. I was the leader of a group (as I've said in another post), and I can't say I'm a talented leader. :P It was good for me though.


  I finally learned how to add on to a chain in crocheting. :) My little square... thing, is rather unequal in size, though. It's probably because I was purposely skipping holes. It's easier, but then it screws up the squareness. :P I think I'm more of a "messy" artist, not a neat one. Embrace it. *breathes deeply* :D Haha.

 I also have this embroidery that I have to finish. I don't know if I worked on it this month or not, but... still putting it here. ;)
 See how not neat my stitches are? :P

 I also made a few "fake" book covers on picmonkey. I started doing this some years ago. It's actually pretty fun. :D

 I just made up titles and authors. This one above kind of looks like a mermaid story... don't you think?


And this one. I made it look kind of like it's really raining with picmonkey's overlays. :)

Maybe a Christmas story. :)


 I finally got my little candle holder a candlestick! :) White would have been better, but this works, especially since it was only ten cents or something.


I started reading A Lasting Impression by Tamera Alexander. So far it is kind of interesting. It involves painting... :) 

\\CURRENTLY EATING (in other words, recipes I've made up in June)


Our family vacation to the west coast next month!!!!! Yes, you've probably heard of this already, but who cares. :P

WELL there's a little life update. ;)


  1. Ooo, sounds like you've had a very eventful June so far! I'm glad that tree didn't fall on your house, that could have been ... well, interesting :D.
    You embroider really well! That's always been something I've wanted to learn. And I LOVE the mock book covers you made! That's something I enjoy doing too ... though mine never turn out quite that good :D.
    I absolutely LOVE your candle+candlestick! SO pretty :).

    1. It has been fairly eventful, yes. :) Yea, that would have been, er, bad. If it had fallen on the house, my brother's room would have probably been crunched. :P Or slightly.

      Well thank you! I'm not the neatest, but... ;)

      Aw thanks! Yea, I really enjoy making them. It's just... fun. :D

      Isn't it fun? It's kind of old fashioned looking with that candle holder. :)

  2. Oh yes, that certainly was a close call with the tree! 0.0 I would've been scared. :P

    And I totally get you with how fun Picmonkey design is. I don't have a blog, but I sometimes create post headers with my photography or with photos off of it's just really fun, even if I don't need them. xD

    Ooh, you're going on a vacation? Have fun with that! :D

    Are you havin' fun with crochet? Yes, it probably didn't turn out as a square because of skipped stitches. :) But that's totally a good way to start. And if you skip an evenly spaced number of stitches on each row, you can make a Christmas tree shape. ;)

    1. Yep, it was pretty close. ;)

      It is very fun! :D Yea, that's kind of how it is with me and my pretend bookcovers- I just do it for fun!

      Yes! We're having a little family reunion at my grandparent's. :D Thanks!

      I haven't been crocheting lately, but crocheting that crooked thing was fun. :D Yea, I still need to work on it. Oh, like a triangle? That's cool. :)

  3. I always enjoy your "currently" posts! :D

    Eek! That tree came close! I would've been freaking out :P

    My first crocheting didn't turn out as a square either. :) I tried to make a blanket and it turned so much it became a shawl for my little sister :P

    I love the second 'book cover' you made! They're all cool, actually :P

    Have fun on your vacation ;)

    1. I'm glad you enjoy them! :)

      Yea, it did... :D I probably wouldn't been scared if I saw it fall- Yikes! :P

      Oh okay, so I guess maybe it's normal for just starting out. :P

      Thanks! I'm glad you like them. :)

      Sure will! ;D